The Unity of the Church by Matthias Loy

“The church is, and in order to be the body of Christ, must be essentially invisible. She possesses not a single essential attribute by which she is visible. If it were not for the instructions of the Holy Spirit, we would be ignorant, not only of her nature, but even of her very existence. We would see men and their deeds, and would know them to be a peculiar organization; but that which is the very life of the organization, without which it is a mere human society, not the church of Jesus Christ, we could never see and never know…

The New Theology: Samuel Schmucker and Its Other Defenders by James Allen Brown

“Suffice it to say that faith is faith, and not obedience, or love or delight in God, or any other distinct grace or virtue. Nor does the Bible say being justified by obedience, or love, or delight, or good works, but ‘being justified by faith, we have peace with God.’” On This Page Justification by Faith versus Schmucker’s “New Theology” About the Author, Rev. James Allen Brown Contents Faith is not obedience Download the eBook Justification by Faith versus Schmucker’s “New Theology” “The substance of this fundamental doctrine may be considered as embraced in these two points – First, that the ground of the sinner’s justification before God is not any righteousness or merit of his own, but the merit and righteousness of Jesus Christ; and, secondly, that the condition of receiving this is not any virtue or morality on the part of the sinner, but faith alone, to the exclusion of everything else as a necessary part in the work of justification.