Of the Church in General: The Lutheran View, Romish, Reformed by Guericke and Krauth [Journal Article]


“The translation we offer from Guericke presents a comparative view of the doctrines of the various Christian denominations on that subject, which, more than any other, engages the attention of the theological world at present. We have given a literal version, but have disentangled the sentences, and broken them up into parts of moderate length. We have thrown the illustrations into the text, instead of ranging them below it, as in the original. We have also translated the quotations from the Latin and Greek symbols.” — From the Translator, Charles Krauth.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate: Some subject matter knowledge helpful.

Book Contents

  • Of The Church In General: The Lutheran View, Romish, Reformed.
    • Translator’s note.
    • The Roman and Greek View
    • Zwingli and Calvin
    • The Arminian and Socinian Views
    • Mennonites and Quakers
    • The Swedenborgian View

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Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Heinrich Guericke
Heinrich Guericke

Associate professor at Halle, 1829. Against the Prussian State forced union of the Lutheran and Reformed Churches. Joined “Old Lutherans” in 1833. Known for “The Life of Augustus Herman Franke.”