The Lutheran Literary Board

The Conflict Of Fundamentalism And Modernism by Leander Sylvester Keyser

“What’s happening in 21st Century “Evangelical Christianity” echoes a battle that took place 100 years ago. According to Dr. Keyser, modernists can be identified by these tendencies: They place high importance on “being strictly up-to-date”. They boast of “scholarship” above faithfulness to the Scriptures. They take a rationalistic approach to the Word. They believe in evolution. They tend to reject the supernatural events in the Bible such as the flood.

Churches And Sects Of Christendom by J. L. Neve

“The Christian religion has been called a way of life. It is indeed a way of life, but it is at the same time a way of faith and a way of thought. If it should cease to be a way of thought, it would soon cease to be a way of life. “The things we believe make up our creed, and our creed determines our character and our conduct.