The Book of Concord: The Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church by Henry Eyster Jacobs and Charles Krauth

Here is a clear, trustworthy and easy-to-search and navigate version of the Lutheran Confessions. This edition was prepared by Henry Eyster Jacobs for the use of all the Lutheran Churches in America and published as The People’s Edition. Table of Contents Summary of the Contents About the Translation Download the eBook Publication Information Summary of the Contents I. The General Creeds: The Apostles’ Creed. The Nicene Creed.

The Confessional Principle by Theodore E. Schmauk

This is Dr. Schmauk’s magnum opus on Christian Confessionalism, a treasure of approachable, Biblically Conservative scholarship. “No Creed but Christ” If you simply content yourself with the assertion, “The Bible is my creed,” you are leaving unanswered many of the most important and vital questions of faith and life. When you refuse to take a definite stand on vital issues in the Christian Faith, but say, “The Bible is my creed,” are you really confessing Christ?

Martin Luther's Small Catechism translated by Henry Eyster Jacobs

“The Law, therefore, can make no Christian, for the wrath and displeasure of God abide upon us forever, as long as we cannot keep it and do what God demands of us; but the faith of the Creed brings pure grace, and makes us godly and acceptable to God. “For by the knowledge of this we love and delight in all the commandments of God; because we see that God, with all that he has, gives himself to us – the Father, with all creatures; the Son, with his entire work; and the Holy Ghost, with all his gifts – to assist and enable us to keep the Ten Commandments.

Martin Luther's Large Catechism translated by Henry Eyster Jacobs

Perhaps the best introduction to Luther’s Work. The essence of Biblical Christianity is here. Read Luther! Table of Contents From a Pastor From the Translator: Luther from the Large Catechism Download the eBook From a Pastor “For Reformation Sunday I talked a little about the Large Catechism, which I owned as a separate paperback (Augsburg Press, ALC). I read it all the time for years, because it also serves as another way to read Luther’s Sermons, but using the Catechism as an outline.

A Concise Summary of The Lutheran Confessions by Henry Eyster Jacobs

Even 150 years ago there were Evangelical Christians who were suspicious of confessions and creeds. Why read them at all? Dr. Jacobs opens the preface to his 1882 American translation of the Book of Concord with these words: The Church’s Confessions of Faith are its authorized declarations on subjects concerning which its teaching has been misunderstood or misrepresented, or is liable to such misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Table of Contents The Love of the Truth The Concise Summary of the Lutheran Confessions Download the eBook The Love of the Truth Christians with a love of the truth have it tough today.