The Evangelical Review Vol. 3, William M Reynolds, Editor

Volume 3 includes “The Lutheran Doctrine of Election”, “The Protestant Principle”, “Scriptural Character Of The Lutheran Doctrine Of The Lord’s Supper” and other articles. The Evangelical Review was edited by William M Reynolds, Professor in Pennsylvania College and assisted by John G Morris, H I Schmidt, Charles W Schaeffer, and Emanuel Greenwald.

Tales from Catland for Little Kittens by An Old Tabby by Tabitha Grimalkin

“Once upon a time I can’t say exactly when it was there stood a neat, tidy little hut on the borders of a wild forest. A poor old woman dwelt in this hut.

John Arndt by John Morris

“If ever any man was competent to write on true Christianity, that man was John Arndt. It had become his very life; it entered into the very center of his own experience; it was an essential part of his being, and hence it was only necessary to let the mouth utter that, of which the heart was full.

The Life of Henry Clay by Charles Krauth [Journal Article]

If it weren’t for the American statesman Henry Clay, “Who can tell the evils which would have ensued? “Would we this day be a united and happy people, prosperous beyond example, and with a most brilliant career opening before us, the envy of tyrants, and the boast of the friends of freedom the world over?