Forty Years In The Church of Christ by Charles Chiniquy

“There are two things which Rome hates with an implacable hatred. They are the Bible and liberty. At any cost, Rome is bound to fight down these two things, till they are completely destroyed… Thanks to the betrayals of the politicians, and the delusions of the theologians, except God makes a miracle of it, the Bible and liberty are doomed in the United States…

Whenever the Church of Rome has the power to do it she has persecuted the Protestants to her utmost capacity. She has sent them to jail, she has confiscated their goods, she has sent them into exile, or even put them to death. Before the conquest of Canada by the English, it was forbidden to Protestants to live in that country. They had the choice between going to jail or becoming exiles, if they persisted in their Gospel religion. In France, thousands have lost their lives, and have been forced to go and die in exile for becoming Protestants. In a single night, and the four or five months after the St. Bartholomew massacre, seventy-five thousand Protestants were slaughtered in France by the order of the Pope…

“In an important sense, I have written this book because I could not help it. The truth I have is not my own — it belongs to my heavenly Father, and the treasure in the earthen vessel I am bound to give to others as far as I can. With this feeling and purpose, I send forth this volume on its mission, hoping that it will be doing good after I am gone, and thus, though dead, I still may speak to others. — Charles Chiniquy

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Book Contents

  • Prefatory Note
  • Introduction: Charles Chiniquy: His Life And Work
  • Preface
  • Invocation
  • 1 A Sketch of My Life Before the Dawn of the Saving Light
  • 2 The Light Breaks upon Me. After Much Struggle I Accept Christ and Eternal Life as a Gift. I Present the Gift to My People Who Likewise Accept It.
  • 3 My dear Bible Continues to lift me up above the Dark Atmosphere of Romanism. The First Publication of the Holy Scriptures in Canada.
  • 4 The Darkest Hour of the Night Before the Bright Rays of the Day
  • 5 A Macedonian Cry from Chicago. Auricular Confession
  • 6 The Temptation
  • 7 Father Brunet. A Prisoner in my Stead
  • 8 The Famine
  • 9 The Angel of Mercy and the Manna from Heaven. God is Our Father, We are His Children
  • 10 A Lesson of the Mercies of God in Disguise
  • 11 The Debts Paid
  • 12 New Laborers in the Lord’s Vineyard
  • 13 A Macedonian Cry from Canada
  • 14 The Gospel Preached to Thousands of Roman Catholics in Montreal. I hear the Priest of Napierville Denounce me from his Pulpit
  • 15 My Missionary Tour Continued. The Dagger of the Assassin on My Breast at Quebec
  • 16 How Roman Catholics Understand Liberty of Conscience. My Letter to the Bishops of Quebec and the Priests of Canada
  • 17 A French Officer Saves My Life at Beloeil. Grande Ligne and Longuevil Visited. Rev. Theodore Lafleor
  • 18 Admitted into the Presbyterian Church with the Bible Alone in My Hand
  • 19 Muskegon — On the Borders of Lake Michigan
  • 20 Second Day at Muskegon. A Narrow Escape
  • 21 The Assassination of Lincoln
  • 22 A Great and Good Institution: The Presbyterian College, Montreal. The Rev. Dr. MacVicar.
  • 23 Antigonish Riot of the 10th of July, 1873
  • 24 My Re-Baptism
  • 25 The Stratagem
  • 26 Deplorable and False Liberality in High Protestant Quarters with Respect to the Church of Rome
  • 27 A Presbyterian Minister Approves. The Romanists Condemn and Persecute
  • 28 Rebuked by a Prominent Presbyterian Minister. Approved by His Congregation
  • 29 On My Way to Australia, California, Oregon and Washington Territory
  • 30 On Board Steamer City of Sydney. Honolulu
  • 31 On My Way to Australia. Sights on the Pacific
  • 32 On My Way to Australia. The Dangers of the Deep
  • 33 Australia
  • 34 Visit to Hobert Town. Account of the Disturbances. Closing Lecture — Dramatic Scenes.
  • 35 Ballarat and Horsham. Riots — Narrow Escapes. A Woman Spits in My Face to Obey Her Father Confessor. The Muddy Ditch
  • 36 Abbe Fluet’s Conversion, Temptation and Final Triumphs.
  • 37 The Truth Proclaimed at Montague. Narrow Escape. Brutally Struck Whilst on the Steamer. I Forgive My Aggressor.
  • 38 A Vindication
  • 39 Conversion of M. J. A. Papineau to Protestantism. Senator Tasse’s Dastardly Attack Against Me Answered.
  • 40 Futile Efforts. Priest’s Efforts to Reach My Bed of Sickness Frustrated. Challenge to Archbishop not Accepted
  • 41 My Fourth and Last Visit to Europe in 1896. The Challenge of Father Begue Accepted. The Roman Breviary. Discussion at Oban
  • 42 My Fourth and Last Visit to Europe — Continued. Severe Illness and Recovery. Invitation to Lecture in Holland Accepted. A Week in Paris. Germany Visited. The Pulpit and Tomb of Luther. Return to Canada. The Close of this Book and of Life’s Voyage.
  • 43 The Final Triumph. Requiescat in Pace.
    • 1 The Last Message Of Father Chiniquy
    • 2 Address Delivered At The Funeral Service Of Father Chiniquy.
    • 3 Memorial Service.
    • 4 Resolutions Of The Presbytery Of Montreal, Of Which Father Chiniquy Was A Member.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Charles Chiniquy
Charles Chiniquy

If there is a thing which is as evident as two and two make four, it is that Romanism is the old idolatry of Babylon, Egypt and Rome, under a Christian mask. But this new form of idolatry is so boldly denied by some of the great dignitaries of Rome, and so skillfully concealed by others, under the spotless robe of Jesus, that not only the too unsuspecting nominal Protestants, but even the ‘very elect,’ are in danger of being entrapped and deceived.