Kings and Priests by Richard Lenski

“The more we meditate on the titles thus bestowed upon us, the more we find that we must think more highly of ourselves in our connection with the Savior. We are spiritually of royal descent. Actually we are nothing less than kings. It is true, in one sense we are slaves, “bondmen” as the Greek has it, owned in soul and body by our Lord, so that we belong wholly to him as our King, his word and will supreme for us, to be obeyed in all things without question. Yet in another sense we are kings. There is no one above us save Christ and God. Joined to our Lord and made one with him, we do indeed rule and reign with him. And while as yet we are uncrowned, there are heavenly crowns laid up for us and for all that love his appearing. 2 Tim. 4:8.” — Richard Lenski

Richard C. H. Lenski (1864-1936) best known for his insightful and still invaluable series of New Testament Commentaries. Professor of theology at Capital University and President of Western District of Joint Synod of Ohio, Dr. Lenski also served as editor of Die Lutherische Kirchenzeitung.

All Christian Believers Are Kings And Priests

“A good many Christian believers may be surprised when first they find themselves graced with the lofty titles Kings and Priests on the sacred pages of the Bible. It may seem to them that such titles can only be figures of speech, like roses placed in our hands, or wreaths upon our heads, neither of which are part of our being, both of which soon wither and must be thrown away. Yet a little investigation shows that this view is wrong — these titles are meant literally.” — R.C.H. Lenski

Book Contents

  • Dedication
  • Preface by Lutheran Librarian
    • A Note about Typos [Typographical Errors]
  • A Glance at the Titles
    • Kings and Priests
    • A Royal Priesthood
    • Una Sancta
  • The Title Bearers
    • True Believers
    • The Church Universal
    • Christian Baptism
  • The Royal Reign and Priestly Sacrifice
    • King And High Priest In One Person.
    • Our Royal Reign With Christ.
    • Our Priestly Sacrifice Through Christ.
  • Priests and Pastors
    • Private — Public.
    • The Call
    • Christian Congregations,
    • Confessional Differences.
    • The Christian Ministry.
    • The Right To Call
    • What The Call Entrusts To The Pastor.
    • The Responsibility Of Priests And Pastors
  • Priests and the Book
    • Our Sacred And Priestly Right To The Bible.
    • Every Person Is Responsible To God For His Own Soul.
    • Our Mutual Responsibility.
    • The Effort To Shift The Responsibility
    • Only One Way To Meet Your Responsibility.
    • Right Of Private Judgment,
    • What It Does Not And Dare Not Mean.
    • What Does The Right Of Private Judgment Mean?
    • Your Part In Using The Right Of Private Judgment.
  • Priest and School
    • The Supreme Reason For Education Is Spiritual.
    • The Spiritual Interests For Education Involve All Other Interests.
    • The Secular Reasons For Education,
    • Education Completely Secularized
    • The Results Of Secular Education.
    • Secular Education Judged
    • The Final Decisive Comparison.
  • Priest and Citizen
    • Earthly Government Is Ordained By God.
    • The Best Possible Citizens.
    • God’s Priests And God’s Government
    • God’s Priests And Evil Government?
    • Church And State.
    • Complete Separation Between Church And State
  • Kings and Priests — Tears and Blood
    • The Attraction Of Tears And Blood.
    • The Fountain Of Tears And Blood.
    • The Coercion Of Conscience.
    • Liberty Of Conscience
    • The Blessing Of Free Consciences.

The Twig and the Tree

On Education:

“Indifference to the Bible and, in fact, to all religious appeal is widespread. Many may think, it is due to the atmosphere. It is — to the atmosphere of a non-religious education. Incline the twig, and the tree is bent. As the trickling fountain, so the rolling stream.” — Richard Lenski

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0