The Augsburg Confession With The Saxon Visitation Articles by Martin Luther

The Augsburg Confession is the first part of the Book of Concord, the Lutheran Confessions. The Saxon Visitation Articles were used by pastors to instruct their congregants and appeared in Saxon editions of the Book of Concord until the forced union of Lutheran and Reformed in the Nineteenth Century.

In republishing this book, we seek to introduce this editor and content to a new generation of those seeking authentic spirituality.

Henry Eyster Jacobs (1844-1932) served as Professor of Systematic Theology and President of the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia. He was president of his church’s board of foreign missions, and edited the Lutheran Church Review, the Lutheran Commentary, and the Lutheran Cyclopedia. He wrote and translated many books.

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Book Contents

  • Preface by Lutheran Librarian
  • Preface To The Book of Concord
  • Translation Notes
  • The Augsburg Confession
    • Preface
    • I. Chief Articles of Faith
      • Article I. Of God
      • Article II. Of Original Sin
      • Article III. Of the Son of God
      • Article IV. Of Justification
      • Article V. Of the Ministry of the Church
      • Article VI. Of New Obedience
      • Article VII. Of the Church
      • Article VIII. What the Church Is
      • Article IX. Of Baptism
      • Article X. Of the Lord’s Supper
      • Article XI. Of Confession
      • Article XII. Of Repentance
      • Article XIII. Of the Use of Sacraments
      • Article XIV. Of Ecclesiastical Order
      • Article XV. Of Ecclesiastical Rites
      • Article XVI. Of Civil Matters
      • Article XVII. Of the Return of Christ to Judgment
      • Article XVIII. Of Free Will
      • Article XIX. Of the Cause of Sin
      • Article XX. Of Faith and Good Works
      • Article XXI. Of the Worship of Saints
      • Conclusion
    • II. Articles, In Which Are Reviewed The Abuses Which Have Been Corrected
      • Article XXII. Of Both Kinds
      • Article XXIII. Of the Marriage of Priests
      • Article XXIV. Of the Mass
      • Article XXV. Of Confession
      • Article XXVI. Of the Distinction of Meats, and of Traditions
      • Article XXVII. Of Monastic Vows
      • Article XXVIII. Of Ecclesiastical Power
      • Conclusion
  • The Saxon Visitation Articles
    • Article I: Of the Lord’s Supper
    • Article II: Of the Person of Christ.
    • Article III: Of Holy Baptism.
    • Article IV. On Predestination and the Eternal Providence of God.
    • The False and Erroneous Doctrine of the Calvinists On the Lord’s Supper.
    • The False and Erroneous doctrine of the Calvinists On the Person of Christ
    • The False and Erroneous doctrine of the Calvinists On Holy Baptism.
    • The False and Erroneous doctrine of the Calvinists On Predestination and the Providence of God.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Martin Luther
Martin Luther