Kanamori's Life-Story Told by Himself; How the Higher Criticism Wrecked a Japanese Christian: And How He Came Back by Paul Michitomo Kanamori

“Why did I leave the ministry when I left the Congregational church? Because, in the first place, my New Theology and Higher Criticism had destroyed my faith in the perfect, divine authority of the Bible; and in the second place, they had destroyed my faith in the perfect deity of Christ. When I had lost these two things I had lost everything. I could not preach Christ alone, and him crucified. I could preach Christian theism, Christian morality, and Christian sociology. In fact, I could preach all the practical side of Christianity, but not the central fundamental truths of Christianity, Christ and his salvation through the cross.

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Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. The Servant Sent
  • 2. The Servant Disobedient
  • 3. The Servant Restored
  • 4. The Servant Reaping
  • 5. Sowing In The Evening

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