Life of Mohammed by Rev. George Bush

“…one grand object [of this book]…is to put the whole system of [the Prophet’s] imposture where it belongs, in the great scheme of the Divine administration of the world. - from the Preface”

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.


  • About the Lutheran Library
  • Frontispiece
  • Titlepage
  • Preface
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • 1 National Descent of the Arabs - Proved to be from Ishmael
  • 2 Birth and Parentage of Mohammed
  • 3 Mohammed forms the Design of palming a new Religion upon the World
  • 4 The Prophet announces his Mission
  • 5 Mohammed not discouraged by Opposition
  • 6 The Koreish exasperated and alarmed by Mohammed’s Success
  • 7 The Prophet pretends to have had a Night-journey through the Seven Heavens
  • 8 An Embassy sent to the Prophet from Medina
  • 9 The Prophet now raised to a high Pitch of Dignity
  • 10 Mohammed alters the Kebla
  • 11 The Koreish undertake a new Expedition against the Prophet
  • 12 The Jews the special Objects of Mohammed’s Enmity
  • 13 Mohammed alleges a Breach of Faith on the Part of the Meccans, and marches an Army against them
  • 14 The Religion of the Prophet firmly established - the principle Countries sujbected by him
  • 15 Reflections upon the extraordinary Career of Mohammed
  • 16 Account of the Prophet’s Wives
  • Appendix A - Inspired Prophecies considered
  • Appendix B - The Caaba and Pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Appendix C - The Koran
  • Appendix D - Mohammedan Confession of Faith
  • Appendix E - Account of Authors

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2024
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0