The Light in the Window by Robert Golladay

“The funeral sermon is one of the most difficult sermons to prepare and deliver. To begin with, there is an emotional strain which is felt by preacher and hearers alike. Jesus was ever and anon saying: “I have compassion.” He felt other people’s sorrows. He made their burdens His own. When He stood with the bereaved family in Bethany, hard by the grave of Lazarus, He wept. If we do not feel other people’s sorrows, if their burdens do not become in some measure our own, we are not ministers after Jesus’ heart, and we can never render our best service. A true ministry is a sacrificial ministry. This is costly business. It wears at the very source of life. But any true minister is willing, glad to pay the price.” — Robert Golladay

Level of Difficulty: Primer: No subject matter knowledge needed.

Book Contents

  • Preface
  • 1 The Light In The Window At Eventide
  • 2 The Christian Soldier’s Farewell (Funeral Of A Noted Churchman)
  • 3 Our Blessed Dead
  • 4 The Untroubled Heart
  • 5 My Home In Heaven
  • 6 The Crowned Life
  • 7 God Comforts His Pilgrim Children
  • 8 The Christian’s Assured Victory
  • 9 A Christian Philosophy Of Life
  • 10 The Christian Pilgrim Homeward Bound
  • 11 The Christian’s Twofold Gain
  • 12 A Glimpse Of The Heart Of God
  • 13 God’s Love For Us (Another Outline On John 3:16)
  • 14 The Gift Of God’s Love (Another Outline On John 3:16)
  • 15 Jesus’ Prayer For His People
  • 16 The Other Side Of Death
  • 17 The Rest Awaiting God’s People
  • 18 The Shepherding Christ
  • 19 The Star Of Hope In Life’s Dark Night
  • 20 The Death Of A King’s Child
  • 21 Light On Life’s Dark Problems (Funeral Of A Youth Who Died By Accident)
  • 22 The Christian’s Twofold Image
  • Copyright Notice

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2021
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0