The Story of My Life

First Principles Of The Reformation – The Three Primary Works Of Luther And The 95 Theses

The Priesthood of Believers

Martin Luther: The Hero of the Reformation

Discourses on Romanism and the Reformation

Infant Baptism and Infant Salvation in Calvinism

A Summary of the Christian Faith

The Lutheran Church in the Country

What's Wrong With The World?

Gotthold's Emblems

New Testament Conversions

Life and Teachings of Theodore E. Schmauk

Between Two Captains: The Autobiography of John Jacob Lehmanowsky

The Life and Letters of William A. Passavant

Dixie Kitten

Crow's Language Lessons

Great Cats I Have Met

The Adventures of Tommy Post Office

Letters from a Cat

Tales from Catland for Little Kittens by An Old Tabby