The Life and Letters of William Passavant by George Gerberding

“A family from Norway consisting of father, mother and four children, through the aid of benevolent persons at home, had obtained the means to emigrate to this country. They fared well across the Atlantic Ocean, and a little farther than Buffalo, N. Y., where the father, by accident, was caught under the wheels of a car which passed over his body and cut off his legs above the knees. The cars passed on at their usual rate, leaving the poor man to his fate on the track.

William A. Passavant: A Biographical Sketch

Rev. William A. Passavant, Sr., D.D. Rev. William Alfred Passavant, D. D., was born at Zelienople, Butler Co., Pa., Oct. 9, 1821. He was graduated at Jefferson College, Pa., in 1840, and at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Pittsburg, Pa., in 1842. In the latter year he was ordained to the ministry, and he held pastorates in Baltimore, Md., in 1842-4, and Pittsburg, Pa., in 1844-55. Since then his time has been occupied with editorial duties, but chiefly with work of philanthropy.