Peter and Jude Explained by Luther by John Nicholas Lenker

“Luther’s Commentary on the Galatians… is too voluminous… And yet any one that would truly know the man, and the secret of his power, must study these in his writings.” ”(Luther’s) language is uniformly simple and direct… “I preach as simply as possible. I want the common people, and children, and servants, to understand me.” “…in the variety of its themes, the clearness of its exposition, the stinging force of its rebukes, the simplicity and directness of its language, [this commentary] is scarcely surpassed by any of Luther’s other writings.

Luther's Two Catechisms Explained By Himself translated by John Lenker

This is a great little volume, and good introduction for those who’ve never read any Luther, or especially for those who’ve been taught about him, but have never let the great Reformer speak for himself. From The Introduction “It was in a university library (Erfurt, 1503) that Luther found the Bible, and he dedicated his life to the Bible (or Church), to the School and to the Library. “The name Martin Luther is a synonym for Protestantism; for Free Government; for Free Schools, and for Free Libraries.