The Christian Year by John Keble

“…the book is to deepen devotion, but there is one class of people above all others, for whose help it is most adapted. It is ‘an admirable handbook for the parish priest, because written by one who himself labored through the greater part of his ministerial career as a[n Anglican] parish priest.‘” “The Christian Year” is a book which will always appeal to the educated and cultivated intellect; that it will appeal with special force to all who have the responsibility of teaching religious truth; but its appeal will not cease here.

Short Stories Of The Hymns by Henry Kieffer

“The purpose of this little book is to present to its readers some brief account of the origin and authorship of some of our more familiar hymns… to select from a very large amount of material which the author has for years past been gathering, a few of the more striking and interesting incidents connected with the composition of some of our best known Songs of Zion. “It is quite possible, truly, that this little book may traverse some ground already familiar to some of its readers, but it is believed that to the great majority of them the story of the hymns is new, and will prove interesting and profitable… such facts connected with the origin of the hymns, as the author, after some years of patient search, has found most interesting and instructive to himself.

Stories Of Favorite Hymns: The Origin, Authorship, And Use Of Hymns We Love by William Hunton

“Hymns are a most important part of our worship. They mold character and often shape the lives of those who sing them.” “The writing of these pages was an accident and a pleasure. An editorial emergency called forth the first article; our personal interest induced several others; then the interest of our readers requested the series. Favorable comments and the expressed desire of not a few to have the articles in permanent form explain the appearance of this volume.

Speed Away! [Missionary Hymn]

Russel Wells writes: Fanny Crosby is one of the greatest of the world’s [English-speaking] hymn writers; perhaps only Watts and Wesley would rank above her. She is great in the number of her hymns — more than three thousand, and in the large number of them that have found favor with Christians and seem destined to live forever. To name only a few, what immortal glory belongs to the author of:

Twenty-four Memory Hymns And Their Stories by Amos Russel Wells

“If we can add to our mind treasury the twenty-four leading hymns of the Christian church, what a splendid employment it will be! — Rev. Amos Wells On This Page Why These 24 Hymns To Memorize? Listing of Hymns Order a Printed Copy Download the eBook Publication Information Why These 24 Hymns To Memorize? “On the way to the Denver Christian Endeavor Convention, Mrs.