Stories Of Favorite Hymns: The Origin, Authorship, And Use Of Hymns We Love by William Hunton

“Hymns are a most important part of our worship. They mold character and often shape the lives of those who sing them.” “The writing of these pages was an accident and a pleasure. An editorial emergency called forth the first article; our personal interest induced several others; then the interest of our readers requested the series. Favorable comments and the expressed desire of not a few to have the articles in permanent form explain the appearance of this volume.

Speed Away! [Missionary Hymn]

Russel Wells writes: Fanny Crosby is one of the greatest of the world’s [English-speaking] hymn writers; perhaps only Watts and Wesley would rank above her. She is great in the number of her hymns — more than three thousand, and in the large number of them that have found favor with Christians and seem destined to live forever. To name only a few, what immortal glory belongs to the author of:

Twenty-four Memory Hymns And Their Stories by Amos Russel Wells

“If we can add to our mind treasury the twenty-four leading hymns of the Christian church, what a splendid employment it will be! — Rev. Amos Wells On This Page Why These 24 Hymns To Memorize? Listing of Hymns Order a Printed Copy Download the eBook Publication Information Why These 24 Hymns To Memorize? “On the way to the Denver Christian Endeavor Convention, Mrs.