[B32] The Apostles' Creed: The Communion of Saints

Who are the saints? What are the saints? What is meant by a communion of saints? On This Page 32. The Communion Of Saints 1. How It Is A Communion of Saints 2. Glorious Fellowship Publication Information 32. The Communion Of Saints Christ also loved the Church, and gave Himself for it; that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word; that He migh present it to Himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

[B31] The Apostles' Creed: Sanctification

There is a great difference… between justification and sanctification. Justification is an instantaneous act of God, the results of which, however, endure forever, unless one proves a traitor to God. Sanctification, on the contrary, is a life-long process. On This Page 31. Sanctification Sanctification 32. Good Works 33. The Holy Christian Church 1. Established And Preserved By God 2. Unity and Perpetuity 3.

[B30] The Apostles' Creed: Justification

Justification is not the infusing of a new nature into man. It is a judicial declaration on God’s part concerning man’s relationship to Him. But it is more than a mere declaration. It is an act of God which changes man’s whole relationship to Him. In this act of God there is a complete removal of all the guilt of man’s sin, the perfect righteousness of Christ is given to the pardoned one, and he is received into full sonship and heirship.

[B29] The Apostles' Creed: The Holy Spirit's Work

The work of the Holy Spirit is an absolute necessity in the plan of salvation. Without this work no one can be saved. This is the unmistakable teaching of God’s Word. On This Page 29. The Holy Spirit’s Work The Holy Spirit’s Work 1. An Absolute Necessity 2. The Steps Involved Publication Information 29. The Holy Spirit’s Work No man can say that Jesus is the Lord; but by the Holy Ghost.

The Apostles' Creed by Robert Golladay

“Our love for the Apostles’ Creed will stand in exact ratio to our intimate acquaintance with it, and our love for the great fundamental truths of the Gospel of which it is the synopsis. May we so know these truths that we will not be disturbed by the outcry against the creeds. May we so know this Creed, and the living truths to which it gives expression, that when we repeat it we will be confessing the real faith of our hearts, without which there is no salvation.

[B28] The Apostles' Creed: I Believe In The Holy Ghost

When we say, “I believe in the Holy Ghost, it means, or should mean, that we understand the Holy Ghost to be a distinct person of the Godhead. This is the unmistakable teaching of God’s Word throughout. On This Page 28. I Believe In The Holy Ghost I Believe in the Holy Ghost 1. Who He Is 2. His Work 3. His Means Publication Information 28.

[B27] The Apostles' Creed: The Christian's Debt of Gratitude

When truly evangelical Christians speak of debts owed to God, it is never to be understood in this sense that we consider man capable of making an adequate return to God for what He has done for us. Salvation is not a subject of barter. All the combined efforts of all men would not suffice to purchase salvation for one soul. Salvation is God’s free gift. But God has done so much for us, and is still doing so much for us, that some return ought to be made, not in the way of paying a debt; but in the form of free, loving, grateful service.

[B26] The Apostles' Creed: Christ's Return To Judgment

The true children of God have nothing to fear so far as the great Judgment is concerned, for the Judge before whom they shall appear is the Lord Jesus Christ. On This Page 26. Christ’s Return To Judgment Christ’s Return to Judgment 1. The True Children of God 2. The Judgment 3. After The Judgment Publication Information 26. Christ’s Return To Judgment When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory.

[B25] Jesus At The Father's Right Hand

The kingship of Jesus! Men in all the ages have been looking for a king, one who could fight successfully their battles, bring them deliverance, prosperity, and peace. Sometimes, in certain quarters of the world, men have thought they had found the object of their quest; some one who was able to give them the present measure of their quest. But the horizon continued to widen, the deeper longings of men’s souls were not satisfied.

[B24] Christ's Ascension

We think of the meekness and gentleness, the tenderness and humility, of Jesus, and we cannot think too frequently, or adoringly, of these qualities; but it is a serious fault to forget, or fail to stress, the strength and courage of Jesus, the daring back of His lowliness, or the fact that, though love was His weapon, He wielded it with a knightly soldier’s hand. And now, in the realm of glory, the exalted God-man is the head, the generalissimo, of the armies of God both in heaven and on earth.

[B23] The Resurrection of Jesus

Recognizing the supreme importance of this doctrine to the whole fabric of our Christian faith, the enemies of the Gospel have ever been active in trying to undermine faith in the historicity of the resurrection. This was begun at once. Those who had been instrumental in putting Jesus to death, recognizing that His resurrection would be an unanswerable testimony to the deviltry of their deed, on being notified of the fact of Jesus’ resurrection, began at once industriously to circulate the report that His body had been stolen by some of his friends.

[B22] Christ's Descent Into Hell

With respect to the whole article concerning the descent into hell, we should bear in mind the advice of the great reformer, and our confessions generally, to the effect that we should not give way to idle curiosity, or be led into vain speculation. This article cannot be comprehended by the reason and the five senses. “In such mysteries of faith we have only to believe and adhere to the Word.

[B21] The Savior Dead and Buried

We must not fail to hold fast to the truth that Christ’s death was a real death. It was not merely the semblance of death, from which He afterwards revived; much less was it a feigned death. The faith of the Church, based on the unmistakable teaching of God’s Word, is that Christ really died for our sins. All four of the evangelists say, “He gave up the ghost,” that is, His spirit, or life, departed from His body.

[B20] The Price of Our Redemption

Jesus Christ was, in the fullest sense of the word, the spotless Lamb of God. He never did any sin, neither was guile found in His mouth. It was love which brought Him down from heaven for the very purpose of becoming our substitute. On This Page 20. The Price Of Our Redemption (Part 2) The Price of Our Redemption I. The Curse II.

[B19] The Price of Our Redemption

The prophets of old were preachers of righteousness, especially in times of indifference. They held up the demands of God’s Law. They denounced sin. They pictured in fiery eloquence God’s wrath against it, and pressed home in telling terms the consequences of sin unrepented of, and unpardoned. And then they came with God’s offer of forgiveness for all the truly penitent. They told of His desire for reconciliation, of the loving favor with which He would receive every one who came with penitence, confession, and faith.

[B18] The Lordship of Jesus Christ

For a man to be able to say that Jesus Christ is his Lord means not only that He is recognized to be truly the Son of God as well as the Son of man; but it means also the unreserved acceptance, in true faith, of Jesus Christ as his deliverer from sin and death and devil. In the sense of this article Jesus Christ is not the Lord of any person who is trusting for salvation in anything save Christ alone.

[B17] The Virgin Birth

In our day these clauses, “conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary,” are seriously called into question. There are those who not only want them left out of the creed, but declare that it is a grievous wrong to retain them and insist on their acceptance as an article of faith. This controversy is known in the Church as the one concerning the Virgin Birth of Jesus.

[B16] The God-Man

Man is subject to the law, but cannot fulfill it. He can suffer the penalties of outraged law, but it would never suffice to pay his own debt, much less the moral debts of all men. God is the law-giver, and cannot be subject to it. He has the worth to pay man’s debt of sin, but as God alone He cannot suffer and die, which was the price of payment.

[B15] Jesus Christ The Son of Man

The humanity of Jesus is the best possible lesson on what true human nature is. By contrasting ourselves with Him we may learn how poor and frail we are. By studying His life we may learn what we may become. It is good that we have such an inspiring ideal at which to look. On This Page 15. Jesus Christ The Son Of Man I Believe That Jesus Christ Is the Son of Man I.

[B14] Jesus Christ The Son of God

As we rejoice in the pardon we have for the guilt of sin; as we hope to be more and more liberated from the power of sin in our lives; as we value the peace of heart which comes from assured fellowship with God in and through Christ; as we rejoice in the continually brightening hope of a richer, fuller, finally perfect life in the fellowship of the saints around the throne of glory, let us not be robbed of our confidence in the truth that Jesus is the very Son of God.