[A6] Modern American Idols (The Small Catechism)

“Thou shalt worship the Lord, thy God; and Him only shalt thou serve.” — Matt. 4:10. In our recent address we spoke of idols and idol-worship, but confined ourselves closely to the grosser forms of this great sin. Though we pointed out that idolatry of this kind still largely prevails and that the simple fact of its existence entails on all the children of God the solemn duty of making the true God known, a duty we cannot shirk without guilt, still it is possible that a good many have felt that the sin of which we spoke was a thing far removed from our life, something altogether of another world, if not of the long ago.

[A5] The Prohibition of Idolatry (The Small Catechism)

“I am the Lord thy God… Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the water under the earth: thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them.” — Exodus 20:2-5. Universally men have felt the need of a God. Man is a created being, he is dependent, he cannot live by himself.

[A4] The Origin and Nature of Law (The Small Catechism)

“I am the Lord thy God… Thou shalt, Thou shalt not.” — Exodus 20:2-4. Wherever we go in God’s universe, into whatever sphere we direct investigation, we cannot proceed far without becoming conscious of the operation of unseen, intangible forces. In other words, everywhere we find Law. There is not an atom of dust floating through space; there is not a flower which blooms, not a leaf which fades and falls; there is not a stream which, ever broadening, flows from its tiny fountain, onward to the sea; there is not a star in the vast canopy of heaven, traveling its path through the millions of sister spheres; there is not a thing anywhere but is governed by Law.

[A3] First Table: God The Lawgiver (The Small Catechism)

“I am the Lord thy God.” — Exodus 20:2. Our Catechism is appropriately called the Layman’s Bible, which means that the fundamental truths of God’s Word are there made easily accessible for our people. One of the introductory questions of the catechism is: “What is in general the right use and benefit of all these chief parts?” The answer is: “That we may learn to know who we are, and how we stand in the sight of the Lord our God; who God is, and how we may become reconciled and united with Him.

[A2] Our Christian Foundation. Christ's Answer to Man's Question 'What is Truth' (The Small Catechism)

“What is truth?“— St. John 18:38. Sanctify them through Thy truth; Thy word is truth.” — St. John 17:17. The first question of the second, or explanatory, part of our Catechism is: “What is your faith?” To this question the answer is given: “I am a Christian.” Yes, we call ourselves Christians. And blessed are we if our claim is true. All the gold and gems in the universe would not pay for the treasures that we now have, and the others to which we have become heirs, if we are truly Christians — God’s dear children.

[A1] Our Lutheran Catechism (The Small Catechism)

By God's grace, each week will present a new message on the basics of the Evangelical Christian Faith. Our guide is the Small Catechism, as expounded by Traditional Pastor Robert Golladay. May this series bless and inspire you. To request a printable copy [PDF] send an email to: with the title of this post. Our Lutheran Catechism “Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts; and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

A Concise Introduction to Luther's Larger and Smaller Catechism by John Morris

“We want no broader line than the catechism draws; but then we do not want that line whitewashed out by a diluted and false liberalism, so as nearly to obliterate it. We desire to see it remain in its original breadth and depth, so that we may consistently and honestly reply to the query: ‘What are the distinctive doctrines of your church?’ ‘You will find an epitome of them in Luther’s Smaller Catechism.

Questions and Answers to the Six Parts of the Small Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther by William Loehe

“The excellence of this explanation is, that it attempts no more than to analyze and explain Luther’s Catechism itself. It does not try to find in it the whole scheme of doctrine. It is intended, like Luther’s Catechism, to show a house-father how to teach his household.” “The father, the children, the household, should use, pray, learn, prize it; and so it will become the cruse of the woman of Sarepta, in which the oil never fails.

Catechizations on Luther's Small Catechism by Henry Jacob Schuh

“Luther’s Smaller Catechism is the best text book for religious instruction that has yet been offered to the church. For nearly 400 years it has held this place in our church and millions have drank this ‘milk of the Gospel’ as the very best food for spiritual babes. On This Page Download the eBook Contents Catechism is not only for children! Schuh’s guide to Luther’s Small Catechism is an excellent resource on all the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

Food for the Heavenly Way: Words of Counsel to Beginners in the Christian Life by Eli Huber

“A good deal is said in these days about how to preach. In the days of Christ and Paul, what to preach seemed of vastly more importance. How to listen, what preparation of mind and heart is needful, what attitude toward the truth, what appreciation of the truth, these are more important questions than extempore or written preaching. Take heed how ye hear, is a divine injunction; take heed how ye preach, is a human command.

The Lord's Prayer: A Devotional Study Based on Luther's Smaller Catechism by Charles Armand Miller

“Our God says: ‘I not only freely forgive, but as for your sins, I have cast them behind my back.’ On This Page Luther and a Friend Vain Repetition? Chapters “Lord, teach us to pray.” Download the eBook Luther and a Friend “Luther was once walking with a friend through a country full of beauty, and both being deeply impressed with the loveliness of nature, as her charms lay before their eyes and spoke to their appreciative hearts, the friend said, “Earth, in its beauty, is a paradise.

[B15] Jesus Christ The Son of Man

The humanity of Jesus is the best possible lesson on what true human nature is. By contrasting ourselves with Him we may learn how poor and frail we are. By studying His life we may learn what we may become. It is good that we have such an inspiring ideal at which to look. On This Page 15. Jesus Christ The Son Of Man I Believe That Jesus Christ Is the Son of Man I.