Ohio Synod

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 6, Matthias Loy, Editor

Vol 6 includes “The Genesis of Faith” by Matthias Loy, “The Mystery of Conversion” by Matthias Loy, “The Office of Faith” by Conrad Herman Louis Schuette and many other articles. Dig in and enjoy some real Evangelical thought!

Little Journeys With Martin Luther by William Harley

“A real book wherein are printed diverse sayings and doings of Dr Luther in these latter days when he applied for Synodical membership in the United States.” — from the Preface.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 5, Matthias Loy, Editor

Vol 5 includes “The Discipline of the Will” by Matthias Loy, “The Fundamental Difference Between Luther’s And Zwingli’s Theology”, “The Will in Conversion” by Matthias Loy, and many other articles.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 4, Matthias Loy, Editor

Vol 4 includes “The Nature of the Will,” “The Liberty of the Will,” and “The Bondage of the Will,” all by Prof. Matthias Loy. Other articles include, “He Shall Baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with Fire,” and “The Power Of God’s Word, According To The Lutheran And The Reformed Systems”.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 3, Matthias Loy, Editor

Vol 3 includes “Intuitu Fidei” — “In View Of Faith.”, Wine in the Bible, The Calvinistic Doctrine Concerning Predestination and Election, The Limit Of The Law Of Peace, and many other articles.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 1, Matthias Loy, Editor

Volume 1 includes “The Formula Of Concord On Predestination”, “Concerning The Election To Eternal Life by Conrad Dietrich”, “Election in Foresight of Faith”, and many other articles." “The doctrine which has been taught in the Lutheran Church during these three centuries has been established by the Scriptures, and defended against all foes, to the satisfaction of a host of eminent theologians whose linguistic learning and whose logical acumen have not been surpassed in any church or in any age.

The Story of My Life by Matthias Loy

“The history of the Church confirms and illustrates the teachings of the Bible, that yielding little by little leads to yielding more and more, until all is in danger; and the tempter is never satisfied until all is lost.

Sermons on the Gospels by Matthias Loy

“When you feel your burden of sin weighing heavily upon you, only go to Him… Only those who will not acknowledge their sin and feel no need of a Savior — only these are rejected.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 17 by Matthias Loy

“This Magazine is designed to supply the want, long since felt, of a Lutheran periodical devoted to theological discussion. Its aim will be the exposition and defense of the doctrines of the Church as confessed in the Book of Concord.

The Augsburg Confession: An Introduction and Exposition by Matthias Loy

“Sincere believers of the truth revealed in Christ for man’s salvation have no reason to be ashamed of Luther, whom God sent to bring again to His people the precious truth in Jesus… The whole purpose of the book is practical.

New Gospel Sermons by Richard C. H. Lenski

“Christ our Savior and all his apostles preached justification by faith, even as did the prophets of the Old Testament. Justification is the central doctrine of all the Scriptures, the heart and soul of the entire Christian religion.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 9 by Matthias Loy

“This Magazine is designed to supply the want, long since felt, of a Lutheran periodical devoted to theological discussion. Its aim will be the exposition and defense of the doctrines of the Church as confessed in the Book of Concord.

The True Church: Its Way of Justification and Its Holy Communion by Emanuel Greenwald

“The doctrine of Justification by Faith alone, was the turning point of the Reformation; it was the experience of its necessity and efficacy in the heart of Martin Luther that constituted his best qualification for the work of the Reformation; and as it distinguished the Lutheran Church from the Church of Rome, so it has come to be regarded as the distinguishing mark of separation between Protestantism and Romanism.

The Doctrine of Justification by Matthias Loy

“Human reason and inclination are always in their natural state averse to the doctrine of Justification by Faith. Hence it is no wonder that earth and hell combine in persistent efforts to banish it from the Church and from the world.

The Ten Commandments by Robert Golladay

“The message of the Law is needed in our congregations today as much as ever. Even where church attendance is gratifying, spiritual life is often on a rather low spiritual and moral plane… The range of topics treated in these sermons is virtually extensive with the spiritual needs and duties of our people.

Lutheran Worship by Matthias Loy [Journal Article]

“Add… the rejection of the sacramental element in the Reformed churches, and their bald worship will be sufficiently accounted for. They do not believe in the real, active presence of the Savior in His Church.

Luther on Genesis: A Critical and Devotional Commentary on the Creation, Sin, and the Flood by Martin Luther

“This volume on Genesis follows the first volume on the Psalms because the volumes ought to be published first that are needed most and will do the most good… While both these volumes will be a healthy corrective to the Old Testament critics, their contribution to the biblical knowledge and the devotional life of Protestantism cannot be exaggerated.

Our Festivals in Church and State by Robert Golladay

“The Fourth of July! Independence Day! One hundred and fifty-two years ago today there took place in history one of those events the like of which takes place only once in five hundred or a thousand years; the promulgation of that immortal Declaration of Independence.

Discourses on Romanism and the Reformation by Emanuel Greenwald

“We can only estimate correctly the Reformation, when we rightly understand the state of things in the Church which called for it. If it was not necessary, it ought not to have taken place.

The Lord's Prayer by Robert Golladay

“There are two general ways of looking at God; from the point of view of Sinai, or as He is revealed to us on Calvary. If we know God only, or chiefly, as He is revealed to us in the lights and shadows, the thunderings and threatenings, of Sinai, He will appear to us rather stern and austere, — a Lawgiver and Judge.