Something's Not Working

Lutheran Library publications are offered in some or all of the following formats: EPUB, AZW3, PDF, and paperback. The e-books are at no cost to you. Paperbacks are priced based on minimums charged by Amazon.

If you click on a PDF button, the e-book will open in your device. This may or may not be what you want. Some of these PDF files are very large. Your device may have size limits set which will cause odd behavior.

To download a PDF on your desktop, right click on the button and save. There is probably a way to do this on your smartphone. You can also write me with the name of the PDF file you want. I will try to help.

If you would like an EPUB or an AZW3 file, clicking on the button will open an email message requesting the file. Your email will be used only for this purpose. Some devices don’t like links that launch email messages. You can write me with the name of the file you want. Again I will try to help.

Persevere! These books are worth having, reading, and spreading to others.