Unsound Devotional Literature by William Man [Journal Article]

“There is no danger that Rationalism and Infidelity ever will get the upper hand in the world; for nobody will for any length of time have to do with mere sterility.” – Goethe

“There is no difficulty in perceiving that that form of Rationalism, which now has become very obsolete in Germany, reduced Christianity to moralizing Unitarianism or Socinianism… Its tendency was to restrict the Supernatural to the narrowest limits and to measure the very depth of substantial Bible-truth and of all revelation by the gauge of ordinary common sense. Everything mysterious and transcendent had to accommodate itself to human reason, which, as every day’s experience teaches us, is a thousand times the most unreliable and unreasonable thing to be found. What was left of that Christianity which a St. Paul, an Augustine, a Luther, had proclaimed and believed? A mere scanty remnant of a grand painting, the essential features and colors of which were successfully washed out with caustic soap. – William Mann

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  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0