Letter to a Skeptic by Charles Krauth [Journal Article]

“The tone of levity, in which you often indulge, leads me to fear, that you do not sufficiently realize your accountability for your doubts… Remember, it is the infirmity of an honest mind, to believe until compelled to disbelieve; that it is proof of a dishonest and depraved one, to disbelieve until forced to believe.” – Charles Krauth

Doubt the Historical Accuracy of the Bible?

“I cannot conceive how any man can come to the conclusion — supposing the historical argument not to exist — that the occurrences related in that book are fictitious. Neither, again, can I understand how an honest man can pretend to receive the facts of the New Testament, and deny the divine commission of Him, who is the subject of it. With the historian Niebuhr, and Mr. Webster, I believe, there is no rational alternative between the supposition that Christ was all that he claimed, or that He was a vile impostor. Men of the very highest order of mind, have avowed their belief in Christianity upon these internal grounds alone; men with whom neither you nor I could for an instant think of placing ourselves in comparison. – Charles Krauth

Book Contents

  • Letter To A Skeptic.
  • The Question of Faith
  • 1 As to the faith of a child.
  • 2 How Can The Young Rationally Believe?
  • 3 Why Hume, Carlyle, Gibbon Cannot Have Faith
  • Questions For The Unbeliever

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