The Nature of Fundamental Doctrines by Charles F. Schaeffer [Journal Article]


“What are ‘fundamental doctrines,’ or ‘fundamental Articles of Faith’?… Every intelligent Christian feels competent to state the general basis of his belief, or the doctrinal foundation of his Christian character and life… When he, however, proceeds to specify in detail the doctrines which essentially constitute that ‘foundation,’ he will no longer be surprised by the embarrassment that even distinguished divines, on attempting to furnish an answer, have candidly confessed.” – Charles F. Schaeffer.

Book Contents

  • An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Fundamental Doctrines.
  • Religious Terms Not Defined or Used Correctly
  • Can’t We “Agree to Differ”?
  • Each Religious Opinion Is Assumed To Be “Fundamental”
  • What Are “Fundamental Doctrines”?
  • Do “Fundamentals” Concern Differences Between “Protestants” Only?
  • Elementary Doctrines As Defined In The Bible
  • “Foundation” in the New Testament
  • Christ as our “All”
  • The Builder is “Every Professing Christian”
  • “Every Man’s Work”
  • All Details and Ramifications of Any Scriptural Doctrine Are Also Strictly Fundamental.
  • Church Government
  • Rigid Calvinistic Views
  • Inspiration of Scripture
  • Non Fundamentals

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