Why Study the Lutheran Confessions? by Charles Krauth [Journal Article]

“It is vastly more important to know what the Reformation retained than what it overthrew; for the overthrow of error, though often an indispensable prerequisite to the establishment of truth, is not truth itself; it may clear the foundation simply to substitute one error for another, perhaps a greater for a less.

“By a careful study of the symbolical books of our church, commencing with the Augsburg Confession and its Apology, a more thorough understanding of the history, difficulties, true genius, and triumphs of the Reformation will be attained than by reading every thing that can be got, or that has ever been written about that memorable movement.

Book Contents

  • Why Study The Lutheran Confessions?
  • Do the Lutheran Confessions Have Any Value to Americans?
  • No Self-Respecting Church Can Be Ashamed Of Her History
  • Lutheran Identity and The Language Issue
  • Why Review Our Lutheran Doctrinal Standards?
  • Freedom and the Augsburg Confession
  • Why It Was Written
  • The Noble Prince John, Elector of Saxony
  • The Torgau Articles
  • Luther the Primary Author of The Confession
  • Augsburg
  • The Reading of the Confession
  • From Latin To German
  • After The Reading
  • Efforts to Alienate the Emperor From The Truth
  • The Confutation

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