Little Journeys With Martin Luther by William Harley

“A real book wherein are printed diverse sayings and doings of Dr Luther in these latter days when he applied for Synodical membership in the United States.” — from the Preface.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 5, Matthias Loy, Editor

Vol 5 includes “The Discipline of the Will” by Matthias Loy, “The Fundamental Difference Between Luther’s And Zwingli’s Theology”, “The Will in Conversion” by Matthias Loy, and many other articles.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 4, Matthias Loy, Editor

Vol 4 includes “The Nature of the Will,” “The Liberty of the Will,” and “The Bondage of the Will,” all by Prof. Matthias Loy. Other articles include, “He Shall Baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with Fire,” and “The Power Of God’s Word, According To The Lutheran And The Reformed Systems”.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 3, Matthias Loy, Editor

Vol 3 includes “Intuitu Fidei” — “In View Of Faith.”, Wine in the Bible, The Calvinistic Doctrine Concerning Predestination and Election, The Limit Of The Law Of Peace, and many other articles.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 1, Matthias Loy, Editor

Volume 1 includes “The Formula Of Concord On Predestination”, “Concerning The Election To Eternal Life by Conrad Dietrich”, “Election in Foresight of Faith”, and many other articles." “The doctrine which has been taught in the Lutheran Church during these three centuries has been established by the Scriptures, and defended against all foes, to the satisfaction of a host of eminent theologians whose linguistic learning and whose logical acumen have not been surpassed in any church or in any age.

The Book of Concord 1911 Henry Eyster Jacobs Version

This is a highly readable, modern English version of the classic volume of Protestant Biblical theology. The translation of the Augsburg Confession is that of Charles P. Krauth, the Small Catechism by Charles F.

The Cross Athwart The Sky by Robert Golladay

“Lent stands for something specific. It tells the story of God’s grace and how it was specifically shown. It tells the story of redemption and how it was accomplished… Before Christ Jesus can be a guide and example He must be a Redeemer, a Savior.

Short Stories Of The Hymns by Henry Kieffer

“The purpose of this little book is to present to its readers some brief account of the origin and authorship of some of our more familiar hymns… to select from a very large amount of material which the author has for years past been gathering, a few of the more striking and interesting incidents connected with the composition of some of our best known Songs of Zion.

The Letters of John Hus (Jan Hus) by Herbert B. Workman & R. Martin Pope

“The Letters of Hus have long been recognized by the best judges as one of the world’s spiritual treasures. The discovery of Hus, if we may so express it, forms more than once a landmark in the spiritual development of Luther.

The Passion for Life by Joseph Hocking

Frank Erskine is just at the start of his career when he is given less than a year to live. He moves from London to the Cornish coast in an effort to find peace before the end.

In The Apostles' Footsteps: Sermons on the Epistle Lessons for the Church Year by Leander Sylvester Keyser

“…there are many people today who are wandering in doctrinal fogland, and do not know what they believe; or, if they think they have any real convictions, they have pared them down to what they call ‘the irreducible minimum.

The Story of My Life by Matthias Loy

“The history of the Church confirms and illustrates the teachings of the Bible, that yielding little by little leads to yielding more and more, until all is in danger; and the tempter is never satisfied until all is lost.

Sermons on the Gospels by Matthias Loy

“When you feel your burden of sin weighing heavily upon you, only go to Him… Only those who will not acknowledge their sin and feel no need of a Savior — only these are rejected.

Kanamori's Life-Story Told by Himself; How the Higher Criticism Wrecked a Japanese Christian: And How He Came Back by Paul Michitomo Kanamori

“Why did I leave the ministry when I left the Congregational church? Because, in the first place, my New Theology and Higher Criticism had destroyed my faith in the perfect, divine authority of the Bible; and in the second place, they had destroyed my faith in the perfect deity of Christ.

Election and Conversion. A Frank Discussion of Dr. Franz Pieper's Book by Leander Keyser

“Note how often faith is mentioned in the epistles. Two of Paul’s epistles – Romans and Galatians – were expressly written to prove that men are justified by faith… The letter to the Hebrews devotes a whole chapter – the 11th – to a panegyric on the heroes of faith… faith is the outstanding doctrine of the New Testament, and therefore should take precedence of a doctrine like election, which is treated more incidentally.

History Unveiling Prophecy by Henry Grattan Guinness

“This is a graphic story of the gradual unveiling of the meaning of the Apocalypse in the light of the events of history. It traces this development through eighteen centuries, from the days of the apostolic and martyr Church to those of the mediaeval Church, the Reformation Church, and the Church of modern times.

The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 17 by Matthias Loy

“This Magazine is designed to supply the want, long since felt, of a Lutheran periodical devoted to theological discussion. Its aim will be the exposition and defense of the doctrines of the Church as confessed in the Book of Concord.

The God of Rome Eaten By A Rat by Charles Chiniquy

Includes: Transubstantiation is the most Degrading form of Idolatry, Why we must put our trust in Jesus and not Mary, A Roman Bishop’s Testimony, and Why I will Never go back to the Church of Rome.

Bible Teachings: A Summary View of Christian Doctrine and Christian Character by Joseph Stump

“The book presents Christian doctrine and Christian character, as both are drawn from the words of the Bible… Throughout the work the aim has been to draw the teachings of the Bible directly from the sacred record itself.

Luther's Small Catechism Explained by Johann Conrad Dietrich

[Fully Updated v.6.1] “In this little book the reader will find, first of all, the Small Catechism of Dr Martin Luther without alteration. This is followed by the shorter explanation of this Catechism, in questions and answers, by Dr.