The Novels of Joseph Hocking

Over his lifetime, Joseph Hocking published nearly 100 books. The Lutheran Library is attempting to preserve all of his books in freely available electronic form.

We are actively seeking loan or donation of the following books:

If you can help us, you will be helping to preserve and disseminate Joseph Hocking’s work for current and future generations. Thank you!

An Enemy Hath Done This1914
Andrew Boconnoc’s Will: The Story Of A Crisis1926
Bevil Granville’s Handicap1926
Davey’s Ambition1936
Deep Calleth Unto Deep1936
Elrad The Hic: A Romance Of The Sea Of Galilee1890
Esau And St. Issey1904
Facing Fearful Odds1914
Felicity Treverbyn: A Love Story1928
From London to Damascus1889
Gideon Strong: Plebeian1888
God And Mammon1912
Greater Love: A Cornish Romance1902
Harry Penhale: The Trial Of His Faith1887
In The Sweat Of Thy Brow1920
Ishmael Pengelly: An Outcast1893
Jabez Easterbrook: A Religious Novel1890
Lest We Forget1901
No Other Name1934
Not One In Ten1933
Out Of The Depths1930
Out of this Wreck1920
Prodigal Parents1923
Rosaleen O’hara - A Romance Of Ireland By Joseph Hocking1912
Rosemary Carew: Just A Love Story1925
The All Conquering Power1925
The Case Of Miss Dunstable1923
The Constant Enemy1929
The Curtain Of Fire1916
The Dust Of Life1915
The Eternal Challenge (prequel to jh85 )1928
The Game And The Candle1923
The Girl Who Defied The World1922
The Kaiser’s Investments1920
The Man Who Almost Lost1920
The Monk Of Mar-saba1894
The Price Of A Throne1918
The Prince Of This World1910
The Reformation: The Anglo-Catholic Peril1912
The Ring of Destiny1921
The Romance of Michael Trevail1900
The Sign Of The Triangle1929
The Spirit Of The West1913
The Tenant Of Cromlech Cottage1927
The Wagon And The Star1925
Tommy And The Maid Of Athens1917
What Shall It Profit A Man1924
Zillah: A Romance1892