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Crow's language lessons and other stories of birds and animals by Julia Darrow Cowles

”…Did you ever hear of a cat taking in boarders? I never did till I heard of Peter. But he was a real cat, and this is a true story I am going to tell you… – From “Peter’s Boarding House” Stories in this Volume Crow’s Language Lesson. A Saucy Thief. Mrs. Wiggins’ Sweet Peas. Tippie’s Visit. Ponce’s Vacation. Brave Trix. Peter’s Boarding-house. How Muff Won Her Way. How The Kittens Were Named.

The Blessing of Cheerfulness by James Russell Miller

“We are set in this world to be happy. We should not falter in our great task of happiness, nor move ever among our fellows with shadows on our face when we ought to have sunlight. “We have a mission to others — to add to their cheer. This we cannot do unless we have first learned the lesson of cheerfulness ourselves. We cannot teach what we do not know.