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The Way of Salvation In The Lutheran Church by George Gerberding

“Yes, the Lutheran Church does believe in salvation, in the absolute necessity of its personal application, and in eternal perdition to every one who will not come to God in His own way of salvation – through Jesus Christ. “And thus the Lutheran system is a complete system. It takes in everything revealed in the Word. It teaches to observe all things that Christ has commanded. It declares the whole counsel of God.

Reminiscent Reflections of a Youthful Octogenarian by George Henry Gerberding

Reflections of a faithful Lutheran pastor on a life of scholarship and service. Also by the same author: The Life and Letters of William A. Passavant The Priesthood of Believers What’s Wrong With The World? The Lutheran Church in the Country New Testament Conversions Contents Chapter 1. Early Childhood Chapter 2. School Days, Companions And Teachers Chapter 3. War Days And Academy Experiences Chapter 4. Thiel Hall.