Election and Conversion. A Frank Discussion of Dr. Franz Pieper's Book by Leander Keyser

“How much the Bible makes of faith! How little, comparatively, of election! Everywhere Christ insisted on faith and belief, while scarcely more than half a dozen times does He refer to “the elect,” and almost always in passages whose interpretation is more or less difficult. On This Page Faith in the Epistles Faith is the Regulative Principle Order a Printed Copy Download the eBook Publication Information Faith in the Epistles “Note how often faith is mentioned in the epistles.

Selection of Sermons by Samuel Laird

“Dr. Laird belonged to a group of stalwart preachers and leaders whose influence could not be confined to a congregation or a city or a synod. Among them were numbered such men as Krauth, Krotel, Mann, Spaeth, the Schaeffers, Schmucker, Seiss, Greenwald, Passavant. They rose into prominence at a time when Lutheranism in its English form was passing through a crisis because it had in large measure forgotten the rock whence it was hewn and the pit whence it was digged.