Little Comrade, The Story Of A Cat, And Other Animal Stories by Gabrielle Emilie Jackson

These four stories originally appeared in The American Boy, Our Animal Friends, and The New York Herald. Contents of the Book “Little Comrade” The Cat “Just As Easy As — As––” The Trophy The Catastrophe The Rescue Ted and His “Sergeant” The Sergeant Is Introduced Disputed Ownership Company K’s Mascot Hail To The Chief! A Little Derelict A Strange Voyage Not A Sparrow Shall Fall Old Dolly’s Discovery “All For Dimmie And Me” Madge Harding’s “Curmudge” Download the eBook PDF - [Formatted for Computer Use]

Crow's language lessons and other stories of birds and animals by Julia Darrow Cowles

”…Did you ever hear of a cat taking in boarders? I never did till I heard of Peter. But he was a real cat, and this is a true story I am going to tell you… – From “Peter’s Boarding House” Stories in this Volume Crow’s Language Lesson. A Saucy Thief. Mrs. Wiggins’ Sweet Peas. Tippie’s Visit. Ponce’s Vacation. Brave Trix. Peter’s Boarding-house. How Muff Won Her Way. How The Kittens Were Named.

The Way Made Plain by Simon Peter Long

“God is Judge, and on the great Judgment Day he will not try to save you. There is no chance there for Holy Baptism; there is no chance there for catechetical instruction; there is no chance there for deliberation about what you must do to be saved. “The Judgment Day will not convert people, it will only let the whole world know who was converted, who was regenerated. The Judgment Day will simply state the facts that have been long before.