A Dead Man's Diary: Written After His Decease by Coulson Kernahan

“There can be no doubt of the force and freshness of most of the book, of the fine literary quality of some of the chapters, and of the interest of the whole… . There is too many a burst of beautiful English.” – Mr. Israel Zangwill, in “Ariel” “Originally the Diary was published anonymously, when it attracted so much attention that dishonest claims were put in to the authorship, and one man, by representing himself as the author, induced a firm of publishers to advance money upon a book of his.

Weapons of Mystery: A Novel by Joseph Hocking

“Weapons of Mystery” is a singularly powerful story of occult influences and of their execution for evil purposes. Like all Mr Hocking’s novels, “Weapons of Mystery” has an underlying religious and moral purpose, but merely as a story, and quite apart from the purpose which was in the mind of the author, the tale has a curious fascination for the reader. The cleverly conceived plot, and the strange experience of the hero and heroine make “Weapons of Mystery” a story which it is not easy to put down when once commenced.

Benjamin Kurtz: A Biographical Sketch

About Rev. Benjamin Kurtz, D.D., LL.D. Dr. Benjamin Kurtz came to Baltimore in August, 1833, to assume the editorial charge of the Lutheran Observer. He was at this time a widower and not in vigorous health. He had little experience in writing, and he had some difficulty in pruning his superfluous verbiage; but he acquired a vigorous, if not ornate style, and rendered invaluable service to the church in this position.