The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 9, Matthias Loy, Editor

Vol 9 includes “The Desire of Power”, “Doctrinal Preaching”, and “The Righteousness Needed” by Matthias Loy, “Be We Hearers of the Word and not Preachers Only” by Prof. Schuette, and Buddhism and Christianity by Sir Monier-Williams.

The God of Rome Eaten By A Rat by Charles Chiniquy

Includes: Transubstantiation is the most Degrading form of Idolatry, Why we must put our trust in Jesus and not Mary, A Roman Bishop’s Testimony, and Why I will Never go back to the Church of Rome.

New Testament Conversions by George H. Gerberding

“In these godless and worldly times we must earnestly and diligently preach conversion. We must insist on its necessity. We must reason, exhort, convince, beseech, and plead; ‘Turn ye, turn ye; why will ye die?