The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 6, Matthias Loy, Editor

Vol 6 includes “The Genesis of Faith” by Matthias Loy, “The Mystery of Conversion” by Matthias Loy, “The Office of Faith” by Conrad Herman Louis Schuette and many other articles. Dig in and enjoy some real Evangelical thought!

The Six Days Of Creation, The Fall, And The Deluge by J B Remensnyder

“This weightiest chapter ever penned by Inspiration yields up its lessons best when literally understood, and when explained by the laws of common sense. “The secret of recent assaults upon the Bible is the restiveness of the modern spirit… so eager is the desire for anything new, that even the destruction of all that is precious and venerable is hailed on account of the morbid excitement thereby aroused.

He Fell In Love With His Wife: a novel by Edward Roe

This book was inspired by a newspaper account telling of a widowed farmer who visited the county poor house, looking for a good housekeeper. He is supposed to have said, “If there is a worthy woman here, I will marry her.