The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 1, Matthias Loy, Editor

Volume 1 includes “The Formula Of Concord On Predestination”, “Concerning The Election To Eternal Life by Conrad Dietrich”, “Election in Foresight of Faith”, and many other articles." “The doctrine which has been taught in the Lutheran Church during these three centuries has been established by the Scriptures, and defended against all foes, to the satisfaction of a host of eminent theologians whose linguistic learning and whose logical acumen have not been surpassed in any church or in any age.

The Cats' Arabian Nights by Abby Morton Diaz

“One evening when a company of children and older people were looking at funny cat-pictures and telling cat-stories, a little ten year-old girl asked: ‘Why can there not be a Cats’ Arabian Nights Story Book?

Without a Home by Edward Roe

“That man is an opium-eater,” he said in a low tone, and his explanation of the effects of the drug was a diagnosis of Mr. Jocelyn’s symptoms and appearance. The firm’s sympathy for a man seemingly in poor health was transformed into disgust and antipathy, since there is less popular toleration of this weakness than of drinking habits.

The Lutheran Confessions: A Brief Introduction by Henry Eyster Jacobs [Journal Article]

“There are points in the Church’s history, years, months, days, in which all the evil that has ever assailed the Church, seems brought to a focus, and to overcome it, the Holy Ghost, who never deserts his charge, concentrates against it not only the sum of all the experience of the Church of the past, but also the endowments of new, fuller, richer unfoldings of the sense and power of God’s Word.

The Burning Question: The Predestination Controversy in the American Lutheran Church by Matthias Lo [Journal Article]

“[Missouri’s] new doctrine would have us believe that there is saving grace only for the few embraced in God’s purpose of election.” “We shall, by the grace of God, be neither enticed nor driven into such folly, but shall abide by the old and well established doctrine of the Church, that God desires with equal sincerity the salvation of all men, and that He saves, and has elected unto salvation, all those who do not obstinately resist the saving work of the Spirit.