What Can She Do? a novel by Edward Roe

“The narrative is fascinating.” — Chicago Advance. “An exceedingly well-written story.” — Churchman. On This Page Book Contents Download the eBook Publication Information Book Contents Reviews Preface 1. Three Girls 2. A Future Of Human Designing 3. Three Men 4. The Skies Darkening 5. The Storm Threatening 6. The Wreck 7. Among The Breakers 8. Warped 9. A Desert Island 10. Edith Becomes A “Divinity” 11.

Essential Apologetics: Fundamental Truths of Christianity by Christoph Luthardt

“There is but one objection at the bottom of all the different arguments which have been set up against the historical truth of the gospel narratives; and that is, the denial of miracles — the denial of another world. “This is an objection arising not from historical criticism, but from the philosophical view of the world. They who believe in the existence of another world, and see in the person and history of Jesus Christ a revelation thereof, find this stumbling block removed, are convinced of the truth of the miracles in His history, nay, cannot but require it to contain miracles.