New Lutheran Library Website is Live!

We’re happy to announce a completely redesigned .

The new site should make it easier for you to find and access excellent Christian reading material from the Lutheran Library. Even if you are not ready to start any new books now, please take a look and let us know what you think.

Some highlights:

On This Page

Much Faster on Tablets, Phones, and Computers with Slow Connections

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Improved Navigation

A clear menu is available on every page.

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From left to right:

  • Home: returns to the front page of the site.
  • Publications: provides a detailed catalog of all books available to you through the Lutheran Library.
  • Authors: provides an active “clickable” list of all authors. In future this may include biographical information.
  • News: provides a simple list of “newsletter” posts like this one.
  • : Frequently Asked Questions.
  • : About the Lutheran Library.
  • : Contact Form.
  • : Change theme light to dark.

Extensive “metadata”

“Metadata” is simply indexing information, like the label on a file folder. These “tags” allow you to easily find related titles.

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In this example:


Commenting has been enabled throughout the site.

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You’ll find the comments entry form at the very bottom of each page.


These books are for you, and for the next generation. Let us know how we can best serve you, our brothers and sisters in Christ.

You can help by spreading the word. We are not on social media, so any help you can provide by letting others know about the Lutheran Library is of great help.

About the Lutheran Library

The goal of the Lutheran Library is to re-release well-written and readable books from sound, faithful American Lutherans of the past for the enjoyment and edification of a new generation. All books are available at for free download in a variety of formats for Kindle, Apple, and other devices.

Your help is appreciated in spreading the word as often and in as many ways as you feel is appropriate.

May God bless you and keep you, help you, defend you, and lead you to know the depth of His love. Amen