Lutheran Library Paperbacks Now Available Through Amazon

God’s grace to you!

Here in New York the weather is just beginning to turn. Winter will come soon to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it the pleasure of curling up on a cold night with a good book.

Many of you have asked for printed copies of Lutheran Library books. It’s been quite a learning process to figure out the best way to make this happen. Your editor is happy to announce that the first Lutheran Library paperbacks are now available. These are neither “scans” nor “facsimiles”, but freshly typeset editions formatted specifically for print.

Lutheran Library Paperbacks

The first books available are:

  1. Simon Peter Long. Sermons on the Gospels for the Church Year.

  2. Simon Peter Long. Sermons on the Epistles for the Church Year.

  3. Schodde, et. al. Walther and the Predestination Controversy or The Error of Modern Missouri.

  4. John Jacob Lehmanowsky. Between Two Captains – The Autobiography of a Jewish Lutheran.

  5. Sermons of Theophilus Stork.

  6. John Sander. Devotional Readings from Luther’s Works For Every Day of the Year.

The prices for the print books are set to the lower end of the scale mandated by the distributer. Please consider giving copies of these books to friends and relatives, especially young people. If you would like to purchase multiple copies, contact us for the “author’s price”. They will be shipped directly from the printer. More importantly, if there is ever a book you would like but cannot afford, contact us. We will try to find a way to get you a copy.

The Lutheran Library is not - and has never been - a profit making enterprise. Our only purpose is to identify, locate, and restore Gospel-rich Christian books and make them available to this and future generations of God’s people.

Publications Page: “Print and Ebook”

Your editor plans, Lord willing, to release further titles to paperback. You can always tell which books are available in print form by going to the Lutheran Library “publications” page and filtering by “Print and Ebook”:

Lutheran Library Publications Page

To obtain a print copy of any title, go to the publication page for the book:

Eternal Epistle Publication Page

And scroll down to “Order a Printed Copy”

Lutheran Library Publications Page

How To Help

On Amazon, your editor, Lutheran Librarian, has created a page for the Lutheran Library paperbacks:

Lutheran Librarian Amazon Page

If you are familiar with any of the books there, consider writing a short review. Even a few sentences is perfectly fine.

Books with one or more reviews will show up in search results and will help other people find the books.

You do not have to purchase the book to write a review. In addition, you can write the review without having your real name show up online, if you so choose.

Current Projects

All of the covers are being redone to make them more attractive and consistent. This should also make it easier for you to identify the type of books. Roughly speaking, devotional titles have a “blue” band, theological titles have a “green” band, short books have a “red” band, and fiction books (please do consider these - they are great!) have a “turquoise” band.

To enable the Lutheran Library ebooks to be used on all Kindle devices, the older MOBI format is used. It turns out that a current or past policy of Amazon evidently would only display covers of MOBI books which were purchased from them. A workaround has been identified which should ensure that Lutheran Library ebook covers will show up no matter which ebook reader you own.

Now that a solution been found and tested, all the ebooks will be rebuilt. This provides an opportunity to update the formatting of the ebooks to “version 5”, which should be a marginal improvement no matter what ebook reader you use.

Finally, we are continuing to edit some excellent books for future ebook (and perhaps print) publication. These include:

  1. Matthias Loy. Sermons on the Gospels for the Church Year.

    (This rare book was a gift from a reader. If you have or can locate a copy of the even rarer Sermons on the Epistles by Matthias Loy, please consider donating it to us. We will make sure that the content will be made available.)

  2. Martin Luther on the Sacraments.

  3. The Most Celebrated Sermons of Dr. Martin Luther.

  4. Matthias Loy. The Augsburg Confession: An Introduction and Exposition.

  5. Edmund Jacob Wolf. An Exposition of the Gospels for the Church Year.

Let Us Know What You Think

We’re always interested in your ideas for how to get these good Christian materials in the hands of God’s people. Is there a book in the back catalog you would like to see in paperback or ebook? Let us know.

May God bless you and keep you, and keep you in His peace.

— From Your Lutheran Library editor