Follow The Gleam: A Tale of the Time of Oliver Cromwell by Joseph Hocking

Follow the Gleam is a story of the time of Oliver Cromwell. Joseph Hocking is the Lutheran Librarian’s favorite Christian novelist. During his lifetime he was widely read and greatly beloved throughout the English speaking world. Most of his books deal in some way with the struggles and conflicts of living as a Christian in the modern world.

The Lutheran Library is republishing many of Joseph Hocking’s novels. If you have any of Hocking’s 50 “lost” books, please contact us.


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  • Contents
  • 1 A Woman’s Smile, And A Place At The King’s Right Hand
  • 2 How My Father And Mother And Rosiland Bade Me God-speed
  • 3 Tells Of What Happened On Our Journey From The River Tamar To London Town, And How I First Saw The Great Earl Of Strafford
  • 4 Tells How I Had Speech With The Great Earl Of Strafford, And Of The Work He Had Chosen For Me
  • 5 Tells How I Entered Lambeth Palace, And Heard Converse Between The Earl Of Strafford And The Great Arohbishop Laud
  • 6 How I First Saw Master Oliver Cromwell
  • 7 How Master Cromwell Answered The Great Archbishop
  • 8 Tells Of My Acquaintance With Master Ralph Greenvil
  • 9 How I Found My Way Into The House Of Master Andrew Marlow, A Separatist Preacher
  • 10 Tells How I Was Summoned To The Presence Of The King
  • 11 The King’s Command
  • 12 “The King Can Do No Wrong!”
  • 13 Whither The Gleam Led
  • 14 How I Saw My Father At The Battle Of Stratton Hill
  • 15 How Rosiland And I Met After More Than Three Years
  • 16 How I Went Back To My Old Home
  • 17 I Speak With My Mother And Rachel Marlow
  • 18 How Cromwell Received His Men Into His Company
  • 19 Cromwell’s Business With The Widow Wilson
  • 20 How I Was Received By The Gallant Prince Rupert
  • 21 My Imprisonment At Pontefract, In The County Of Yorkshire
  • 22 Tells Of My Escape From Pontefract
  • 23 The Eve Of The Great Fight At Marston Moor
  • 24 How The Battle Of Marston Moor Was Won
  • 25 How I Gained Possession Of The Royal Papers
  • 26 In Which It Is Proven That Oliver Cromwell Had a Kind Heart
  • 27 The April Of 1646

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020 updated: 2024
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Joseph Hocking
Joseph Hocking

Joseph Hocking (1860-1937), was a Cornish writer and United Methodist Free Church minister. His novels were immensely popular in his lifetime. Many of his 100 books are available at no charge from the Lutheran Library.