Mistress Nancy Molesworth: A Tale of Adventure by Joseph Hocking

Joseph Hocking is the Lutheran Librarian’s favorite Christian novelist. During his lifetime he was widely read and greatly beloved throughout the English speaking world. Most of his books deal in some way with the struggles and conflicts of living as a Christian in the modern world.

The Lutheran Library is republishing many of Joseph Hocking’s novels. If you have any of Hocking’s 50 “lost” books, please contact us.

Book Contents

  • About The Author
  • Titlepage
  • 1 Trevanion.
  • 2 Peter Trevisa’s offer
  • 3 Crossing The Rubicon.
  • 4 My Journey To Endellion.
  • 5 My First Night At Endellion.
  • 6 The Uses of a Serving-maid.
  • 7 On The Roof of Endellion Castle.
  • 8 Otho Discovers My Name.
  • 9 Benet Killigrew As a Wrestler.
  • 10 The Escape From Endellion.
  • 11 My Fight With Benet Killigrew, and Our Flight Across The Moors.
  • 12 Roche Rock.
  • 13 The Wisdom of Gossiping With An Innkeeper.
  • 14 The Haunted Chapel of St. Mawgan.
  • 15 The Scene At a Wayside Inn,
  • 16 Why I Took Mistress Nancy To Treviscoe.
  • 17 The Charge of Treason.
  • 18 Otho Killigrew’s Victory.
  • 19 Launceston Castle.
  • 20 I Escape From The Witch’s Tower.
  • 21 Describes My Journey From Launceston Castle To a Lonely Mansion Accompanied By Two Women.
  • 22 Mistress Nancy Tells Me Many Things,
  • 23 In Which It Is Shown That Uncle Anthony Was More Than a Droll.
  • 24 Otho Killigrew Uses An Old Proverb.
  • 25 How January Changed To June.
  • 26 I Fall Into Otho Killigrew’s Hands.
  • 27 How Benet Killigrew and I Fought In The Light of The Beacon Fire.
  • 28 Otho Killigrew’s Last Move.
  • 29 The King’s Gratitude.
  • 30 In Which Uncle Anthony Plays His Harp.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2023
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Joseph Hocking
Joseph Hocking

Joseph Hocking (1860-1937), was a Cornish writer and United Methodist Free Church minister. His novels were immensely popular in his lifetime. Many of his 100 books are available at no charge from the Lutheran Library.