And Shall Trelawny Die? by Joseph Hocking

Joseph Hocking is the Lutheran Librarian’s favorite Christian novelist. During his lifetime he was widely read and greatly beloved throughout the English speaking world. Most of his books deal in some way with the struggles and conflicts of living as a Christian in the modern world.

The Lutheran Library is republishing many of Joseph Hocking’s novels. If you have any of Hocking’s 50 “lost” books, please contact us.


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  • Contents.
  • “And Shall Trelawney Die?”
  • 1 How Hugh Launceston Came To Altarnun Moors.
  • 2 Hugh Questions The Vicar.
  • 3 Hugh Changes His Name.
  • 4 Hugh Meets The Madman Of The Moors.
  • 5 How Hugh Discovered Wheal Trelawney Mine.
  • 6 How Hugh Entered The Home Of His Fathers.
  • 7 How Hugh Thought To Possess Trelowry.
  • 8 Hugh’s Conversation With The Maid Of The Moors.
  • 9 How Hugh And Lucilla Found The Papers.
  • 10 How Issy Paid A Night Visit To Hugh.
  • 11 How Hugh Entered Into His Heritage.
  • 12 “And Shall Trelawney Die?”
  • The Mist On The Moors.
  • 1 How The Mist Gathered.
  • 2 A Strange Visit To Altarnun Moors.
  • 3 How The Mist Thickened.
  • 4 The Face At Dreardowns Window.
  • 5 The Conversation Between Peter Sleeman And Mrs. Foxwell.
  • 6 How Matters Came To A Crisis.
  • 7 The Prisoner’s Letter.
  • 8 How Joyce Patmore And Robert Tremain Went From Dreardowns To Penliggle.
  • 9 The Story Which Joyce Patmore Told.
  • 10 The Journey From Cornwall To Devonshire And Back.
  • 11 The Strange Meeting On The Moors.
  • 12 How The Mists Were Cleared Away.

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2020 updated: 2023
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Joseph Hocking
Joseph Hocking

Joseph Hocking (1860-1937), was a Cornish writer and United Methodist Free Church minister. His novels were immensely popular in his lifetime. Many of his 100 books are available at no charge from the Lutheran Library.