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Is there a listing by Author?

Lutheran Library Catalog by Author

By Synod or Denomination?

Lutheran Library Catalog by Synod

How do I know which type of eBook to download?

All of the books published by the Lutheran Library are available in three formats:

PDF is the most widely known. It is best for printing, reading on a computer, or sharing with other people.

If you have a Kindle, MOBI is the best format for you.

If you have an iPad or other Apple device, EPUB is your format.

You have so many books. Where should I start?

Or start with one of these American Lutheran orthodox heroes:

A wonderful Twentieth Century preacher:

And for a most readable reference about any denomination:

A complete author list: Lutheran Library Authors.

How much do the books cost?

The Lutheran Library is a Christian ministry. All books are available to you at no charge.

Copyright questions

Unless otherwise noted, all books published by the Lutheran Library have entered the public domain.1 They have been scanned, carefully proofread and edited, and prepared by hand for use on ebook readers, tablets and other electronic devices.

These Lutheran Library formatted editions are copyrighted. You are permitted to use them freely and share them with others. We ask that you do not sell them, nor strip the Lutheran Library covers and other identifying information from them.

Seminaries and Christian Schools are permitted to translate these items without charges, fees, or royalties.

Where do you get the artwork for the covers?

The book covers and website images are two dimensional reproductions of artworks made before 1922 and are considered to be in the public domain.2

Something’s not working.

Some browsers and devices don’t like links that launch email messages. If you cannot download an ebook, send a request to:

editor at (replace the ‘at’ with ‘@’).

Can I support the work of the Lutheran Library?

Yes. Donations are accepted via paypal.

Telling others of the ministry by mentioning the books at church, through reviews, or via email or social media is needed and always appreciated.

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  2. These photographs of artworks are in the public domain in the United States because they were published (or registered with the U.S. Copyright Office) before January 1, 1923. See also ^
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