The Evangelical Review Vol. 5, William M Reynolds, Editor

Includes “The Plan of Jesus”, “Scripture on the Resurrection of the Dead”, “The Influence of the Bible on Literature”, and “Children in the New Testament”.

The Evangelical Review was edited by William M Reynolds, Professor in Pennsylvania College and assisted by John G Morris, H I Schmidt, Charles W Schaeffer, and Emanuel Greenwald. Many faithful and prominent Lutheran scholars and ministers are featured in the magazine. The first issue was published in 1849 in Gettysburg.

Special Collection

The Evangelical Review is one of the special collections being restored and re-released by the Lutheran Library.

Contents of Volume 5

No. 17. July 1853
1 The Influence Of The Bible On Literature.By Rev. J. A. Seiss.
2 The Church, As Set Forth In The Confessions Of Christendom. Of The Church In General— Lutheran View—Romish—Reformed.By Rev. C. Porterfield Krauth.
3 Contributions To The Christology Of The Church.Translated From The German Of Dr. G. Thomasius.
4 Notes On Prophecy. Notes On The Kingdom Or Power Signified By The “little Horn”By Rev. J. Oswald.
5 Scripture Doctrine Concerning The Resurrection Of The Dead.By Rev. P. Rizer.
6 Our Nation’s Jewels.By Rev. J. Few Smith.
7 Letter To A Sceptic.
8 Our Foreign Missionary Operations.
9 Tischendorf’s Edition Of The Septuagint.
10 Notices Of New Publications.
11 German Religious Periodicals.
12 Religious Intelligence.
No. 18. October, 1853.
1 The Services Of The Church Of The Reformation.Translated By Rev. C. Porterfield Krauth.
2 “The Confession Of The Evangelical Lutheran Church.”By Rev. Charles F. Schaeffer.
3 Contributions To The Christology Of The Church.By Dr. G. Thomasius.
4 Education In The Lutheran Church.
5 Our General Synod.
6 The Ecclesiastical Year.Translated From The German, By Rev. L. W. Heydenreich.
7 Fanny Fern’s Writings.
Luther’s Version Of The Sanctus.
8 Notices Of New Publications.
9 German Periodicals.
No. 19. January, 1854.
1 Homiletics.By Rev. Charles F. Schaeffer.
2 Notes On Prophecy. The Kingdom, Or Power Signified By The “little Horn”By Rev. J. Oswald.
3 The Plan Of Jesus.Translated From The German Of Herder. By S. E. W. Becker
4 The Unity Of The Lutheran Church.By F. V. Reinhard.
5 A Treatise On Biblical Criticism.
6 The New Testament; Or The Book Of The Holy Gospel Of Our Lord And Our God, Jesus The Messiah. A Literal Translation From The Syriac Peshita Version.By James Murdock.
7 The Elements Of Individual Spiritual Life And Development, The Elements Of The Church’s Vitality And Power.By The Rev. B. Sadtler.
8 Infidelity: Its Metamorphoses, And Its Present Aspects. By The Rey. H. I. Schmidt.
9 Our Theological Seminary At Gettysburg.
10 Notices Of New Publications.
11 Literary Intelligence.
No. 20. April, 1854.
1 Infidelity: Its Metamorphoses And Its Present Aspects.By The Rev. H. I. Schmidt.
2 Constitution And Characteristics Of The Church.By Rev. L. Eichelberger.
3 Reminiscences Of Lutheran Clergymen.
4 John C Kunze, D. D.
5 A Collegiate Education.By The Rev. D. F. Bittle.
6 Notes On Prophecy. Daniel—Seventh Chapter.By Rev. J. Oswald.
7 The Song Of Solomon
8 The Children Of The New Testament.By Rev. Theophilus Stork.
9 Notices Of New Publications.

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