The Evangelical Review Vol. 2, William M Reynolds, Editor

Volume 2 includes “The Ecclesiastical Year”, “The Doctrine of the Atonement of Christ as presented in the Symbolical Books”, “The Silent Influence of the Bible”, and many other articles.

The Evangelical Review was edited by William M Reynolds, Professor in Pennsylvania College and assisted by John G Morris, H I Schmidt, Charles W Schaeffer, and Emanuel Greenwald. Many faithful and prominent Lutheran scholars and ministers are featured in the magazine. The first issue was published in 1849 in Gettysburg.

Special Collection

The Evangelical Review is one of the special collections being restored and re-released by the Lutheran Library.

Contents of Volume 2

No. 5 July 1850
1 The Lutheran Church In The United States.C. P. Krauth
2 The Ecclesiastical Year, And The Festivals Of The Church.H. I. Schmidt
3 Symbolic Theology.Charles F. Schaeffer
4 The Church Question.J. A. Seiss
5 The Articles Of Torgau. Translated By Rev. C. Porterfield Krauth
6 The Work Of An Evangelist.E. Greenwald
7 Force Of Moral And Mental Culture In The Formation Of Character.L. Eichetberger
8 Journal Of A Voyage From Philadelphia To Ebenezer, In Georgia, Etc., In The Years 1774 And 1775, By Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, D.d.
9 God’s Way The Best. A Hymn From The German Of Paul Gerhardt.
10 Waylen’s Reminiscences Of The United States.
11 Notices Of New Publications.
No. 6 October 1850
1 Church Development On Apostolic Principles.S. S. Schmucker
2 Delitzsch On The Epistle To The Hebrews. Translated From The GermanProfessor Jacobs
3 The Protestant Principle In Its Relations. Translated From The German Of ThomasiusC. Philip Krauth
4 The Transfiguration.C. Porterfield Krauth
5 The Evangelical Lutheran Church, Or Historical Reminiscences, Designed To Meet The Antagonistic Tendencies Of Our Age And Country.J. N. Hoffman
6 Paul Gerhard.John G. Morris
7 Literary And Theological Intelligence.
No. 7 January 1851
1 The Doctrine Of The Atonement Of Christ, As It Is Presented In The Symbolical Books Of The Evangelical Lutheran Church.Charles F. Schaeffer
2 Antiquity; And The Church-fathers.H. I. Schmidt
3 The Silent Influence Of The Bible.J. Few Smith
4 The Circumstances Attending The First Admission Of The Gentiles Into The Church.C. W. Schaeffer
5 Christian Education. Brook’s Ovid.
6 Church-feeling In The Lutheran Church.
7 The Symbols.J. N. Hoffman
8 Effect Of The Adoption Of The Formula Of Concord Upon The Luth. Church And Lutheran Theology. Translated From The German Of Dr. G. J. Plank, Of GoettingenBenjamin Sadtler
9 Reflections On The Condition Of The Norwegian Church. Reminiscences Of A Visit To That Country In 1847.B. M. Schmucker
10 Sears’ Life Of Luther.
11 Notices Of New Publications.
No. 8 April 1851
1 Unity Of Origin Of The Human Race.Prof. M. Jacobs
2 Vocation Of The American Lutheran. Church.S. S. Schmucker
3 Ecclesiastical Standards.G. A. Lintner
4 Reflections On The Condition Of The Norwegian Church. Reminiscences Of A Visit To That Country In 1847.B. M. Schmucker
5 Pennsylvania College.
6 Rhetorical Studies.J. Few Smith
7 The Protestant Principle In Its Relations.
8 Guericke’s Manual Of Christian Archaeology.
9 Literary Intelligence
10 Notices Of New Publications.

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