Dixie Kitten by Eva March Tappan

“The first thing that Dixie could remember was of being cuddled up to some one who was soft and comfortable and gave her sweet warm milk to drink. Somehow, she knew that this was her mother, and that her mother would feed her when she was hungry and keep her warm and take care of her and not let anything hurt her.”


  • 1 The Home Nest
  • 2 Leaving Home
  • 3 Dixie Finds A Friend
  • 4 Dixie and the Cottage
  • 5 Dixie’s Troubles
  • 6 The Little Mothercat
  • 7 Dixie is Deserted
  • 8 A Happy Little Cat
  • 9 The New House
  • 10 Dixie in her Home
  • 11 Dixie in her Home (continued)

Publication Information

  • Lutheran Library edition first published: 2017-12-26
  • Updated: v6.2021-04-06
  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Eva March Tappan
Eva March Tappan