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The story of Zephyr: a Christmas Cat Story by Jeanie Oliver Davidson Smith

The story of Zephyr: a Christmas Cat Story by Jeanie Oliver Davidson Smith

Edwy had been called “The Little Trapper.” He had read every book he could find about animals…He had made box-traps with his own hands, but in such a way, however, that it would hardly frighten the little creatures to be caught, for he would only keep the little prisoners an hour, or a minute perhaps, feed them, and let them go free. One day he had found in his trap a pretty brown-eyed musk-rat, and the creature found himself liberated beside his own stream, not a bit the worse for its experience. And one day he found a strange slate-colored dormouse, but it had managed to get out of its cage by its own ingenuity or some one’s help…

A Lutheran Library “Extra”

“Extras” are entertaining or otherwise valuable books which don’t fit the regular publishing guidelines for the Lutheran Library. The editors hope you will find them worthwhile.


  • Chapter 1. Edwy’s Wish
  • Chapter 2. The Little Trapper
  • Chapter 3. A Welcome Guest
  • Chapter 4. Zephyr “second”
  • Chapter 5. The Real Meaning Of Christmas
  • Chapter 6. Departure Of The First Group Of Campers
  • Chapter 7. One Of Zephyr’s Summer Homes
  • Chapter 8. A Surprise
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