Crow's language lessons and other stories of birds and animals by Julia Darrow Cowles


“…Did you ever hear of a cat taking in boarders? I never did till I heard of Peter. But he was a real cat, and this is a true story I am going to tell you… – From “Peter’s Boarding House”

Stories in this Volume

  • Crow’s Language Lesson.
  • A Saucy Thief.
  • Mrs. Wiggins’ Sweet Peas.
  • Tippie’s Visit.
  • Ponce’s Vacation.
  • Brave Trix.
  • Peter’s Boarding-house.
  • How Muff Won Her Way.
  • How The Kittens Were Named.
  • Old Woolly Stockings.
  • The Rescue Of Mother Hen’s Family.
  • A Restaurant For Birds.
  • A Saucy Band Of Robbers.
  • A Race.
  • A Winter Walk.
  • The Dog That Telegraphed.
  • What Grandma Sent.
  • An Unexpected Parade.
  • The Rooster’s Joke.
  • The Bird That Sang In The Night.
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