The Adventures of a Bear by Alfred Elwes

The Adventures of a Bear by Alfred Elwes

“Yes, it is an “at home” to which I am going to introduce you; but not the at-home that many of you–I hope all of you–have learnt to love, but the at-home of a bear. No carpeted rooms, no warm curtains, no glowing fireside, no pictures, no sofas, no tables, no chairs; no music, no books; no agreeable, cosy chat…

Table of Contents

A Lutheran Library “Extra”

“Extras” are entertaining or otherwise valuable books which don’t fit the regular publishing guidelines for the Lutheran Library. The editors hope you will find them worthwhile.


  • The Adventures Of A Bear And A Great Bear Too
  • At Home.
  • Upon His Travels.
  • Town Life.
  • Prosperity.
  • Reverses.
  • Progress.
  • Down Hill.
  • At Rest.

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