Daily Devotionals Study Guide

• Gotthold’s Emblems by Christian Scriver

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From the time of its first publication this beloved volume has gone through more than 28 editions.

• Devotional Readings From Luther’s Works For Every Day of the Year by John Sander

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“America does not realize what an inheritance she has received from Luther and the Lutheran Reformation. The best way to understand Luther is to have Luther himself speak. His writings are so extensive that there is no trouble in finding something profitable for almost every occasion and condition in life. – Rev. John Sander

• A Lutheran Treasury of Prayers

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“O Lord, I now realize in very truth that not every man hath faith. I believe, O Lord, but help my unbelief! Do not break the bruised reed, nor quench the smoking flax. O Jesus Christ, Thou who sittest at the right hand of God make intercession for me that my faith fail not. Be the author and finisher of my faith, that I may be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. Though I see not, let me yet believe and thus be saved. Amen.”

• A Bible Year: A Course In Bible-reading, Completing The Entire Bible In One Year; With Daily Suggestions For Meditation And For Further Study by Amos Wells

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“For a year, week by week, these studies were printed in the columns of The Christian Endeavor World. A call was made for the names of all that would undertake to read the Bible through in accordance with this plan during the year; and without advertisement or urging, more than nine thousand sent in their names. Hundreds and even thousands of these expressed themselves as thankful for the plan, and said that, though they had often proposed reading the Bible through and had frequently set out upon the task, this plan had furnished just the stimulus and aid needed to spur them to its completion.

• Scripture Selections for Daily Reading by Rev. Jesse Hurlbut

“It has seemed to me that there is need of a good selection of Scripture passages, of nearly uniform length, fitted for reading at family worship, so chosen as to furnish a reading for every day in the year and to complete the Bible in a year.”

“But though all parts of the Bible are valuable, and even its driest genealogical tables have their uses to the student of history, yet all portions are not equally profitable for devotional purposes, nor adapted to reading in the family.”

“In the selection of passages the endeavor has been to follow the general current of history in the Bible, choosing mainly such passages as have some plain spiritual purpose; interspersing psalms with historical portions, and placing the selections from the prophets and the epistles nearly where they belong in the historical order.”

“It is the prayer of the compiler that this little work may help to a better understanding, a deeper interest, and a richer enjoyment in the Word of Life. – Jesse Hurlbut, New York, September 9, 1890.

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