The Columbus Theological Magazine Vol. 15, Matthias Loy, Editor

This volume includes “The Use of God’s Word for Correction,” “Lutheranism cannot be Remodeled,” “Theories of Unbelief should not Trouble Our Ministers,” and “The Protestant Church in Roman Catholic Countries”.

Special Collection

The Columbus Theological Magazine is one of the specially restored collections of the Lutheran Library.

Contents of Volume 15

Vol 15 No 1 February 1895
Universalism Vs. Truth, Or The Doctrine Of Aeonian Punishment. By C B Gohdes
A Short History Of Pietism. Chapter III. Spener In Dresden. Progress Of Pietism. By P A Peter.
The Use Of God’s Word For Correction. By Matthias Loy
Air Castles. By Matthias Loy
Editorial. Be Of Good Cheer. By Matthias Loy
Lutheranism Cannot Be Remodeled
Man’s Inability
What Is Essential For Church Union And What Is Essential For Individual Salvation Is Not The Same Thing.
Vol 15 No 2 April 1895
Aeon And Aeonios In The Classics. By C B Gohdes
A Short History Of Pietism. Chapter Iv. The Farther Progress Of Pietism And Some Events Connected With This Movement. By P A Peter
The Free Man. By J Sheatsley
Current Religious And Theological Thought. By George H. Schodde.
Editorial. “Mind Your Own Business.” By Matthias Loy
Is It Persecution?
Eloquence Has Been Said To Be A Virtue.
Theories Of Unbelief Should Not Trouble Our Ministers
Vol 15 No 3 June 1895
The Work And The Word. By Matthias Loy
The Free Man. Second Article. By J Sheatsley
A Short History Of Pietism. Chapter V. Pietism In Halle, Hamburg, Halberstadt, And Other Places. By Rev. P. A. Peter.
Aeon And Aeonios In The Old Testament. III. By C B Gohdes
Vol 15 No 4 August 1895
Greek Philosophy And Its Propaedeutic Office For Christianity. By Rev. L. H. Schuh
Jechiel Lichtenstein And His Hebrew Commentary To The New Testament. By Rev. A. R. Kuldell
A Short History Of Pietism. Chapter VI. (cont) By Rev. P. A. Peter
The Zionite Movement. By George H. Schodde.
The Protestant Church In Catholic Countries. By George H. Schodde.
Notes. By George H. Schodde.
Vol 15 No 5 October 1895
The Bible As A Means Of Culture. By P
New Testament Woman.
A Short History Of Pietism. Chapter Viii. Controversies On Some Peculiarities Of Pietism. By Rev. P. A. Peter.
Negative Religious Tendencies. By Rev. E. Gerfen
Sprinkling And Baptismal Regeneration. By Rev. G. Dillmann
Mirror Of Pastors. Translated From The German Of H. Guth By Rev. W. E. Tressel.
The Agrapha.
Vol 15 No 6 December 1895
Israel And The Gospel. By Prof. George H. Schodde
A Short History Of Pietism. Chapter Ix. Francke In Halle. Spener In Berlin. Degeneration Of Pietism. By Rev. P. A. Peter,
Catechetical Instructions. By Rev. J. H. Schneider
Spiritualism In The Light Of Inspiration And Investigation. By Rev. S. P. Long
Mirror Of Pastors. Translated From The German Of H. Guthe By Rev. W. E. Tressel
Sketches For Funeral Sermons. By Rev. C. H. Rohe

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  • Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Matthias Loy
Matthias Loy

President of the Joint Synod of Ohio, the Columbus Seminary and Capital University, and edited the Lutheran Standard and the Columbus Theological Magazine. In 1881 he withdrew the Joint Synod from the Synodical Conference as a result of Walther’s teaching about predestination.