Speed Away! [Missionary Hymn]

Russel Wells writes: Fanny Crosby is one of the greatest of the world’s [English-speaking] hymn writers; perhaps only Watts and Wesley would rank above her. She is great in the number of her hymns — more than three thousand, and in the large number of them that have found favor with Christians and seem destined to live forever.

The Roman Catholic Concept of Church [quote]

“The Roman concept of the Church is easily understood when we remember what was said above, namely, that primarily the Church is an institution and an authority, a government. If this is the case then there must be those who are obligated to submit and obey, whether they do it willingly or unwillingly.

The Form of Public Worship Matters [quote]

“The forms and order of public worship, are not, in every sense, adiaphora (things indifferent). No one, beyond the Romish pale, presumes that they are absolutely necessary to salvation, as they exist at any particular period… Still, we cannot look upon it as altogether immaterial what form of worship the Church possesses… The life and spirit of the Church must ever stamp itself upon the forms and order of her public worship, and make the latter a general confession of her faith.

How Charles Krauth Came To Embrace The Book of Concord [quote]

“When a student at College, Charles P. Krauth was known to all to possess brilliant and versatile talents, and high hopes were entertained of the future years of his life… When Mr.

Hell Rages In Vain Against The Holy Child Jesus

“The scheme for the destruction of the Holy Child seemed shrewdly laid indeed. The wise men would not fail to report to the king that wanted to join in worshiping the Savior; the Savior would not escape when all the children under two years of age in Bethlehem and vicinity were slain.

The Last Sunday of the Year

“The world is in the habit of measuring success by health, by wealth, and by fame; but a man may be ever so healthy in this world; he may be ever so wealthy in this world, and he may be ever so famous in this world, if, on the great Judgment Day he is ordered to go down from God’s face where the departed ones are – the lost – that man surely has not been successful.

The Example of John The Baptist

“But, secondly, he [John the Baptist] was an example by his honest confession to all the children of God. They too are tempted to exalt themselves and be something in their own eyes, instead of being something to the praise of the Savior’s grace.

Following Your Conscience

“I hear so many people say: If we just live according to conscience, we will be all right. Those poor old mothers of the Moabites, take their dear little children from their own breasts and lay them into the red-hot arms of Moloch to satisfy conscience.

The Bible Demonstrates The Holy Spirit's Power

“The manuscript therefore that the Holy Spirit has given us is the Book which I hold in my hand, the writings of old, the Holy Scriptures, to which the apostle refers when he says, Search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and they are they which testify of Me.

Does The Great Physician Seem Far Off?

Those times in which the great Physician walked visibly among men and healed all manner of disease are long since past, and the gates of heaven have opened and let the King of glory in.