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Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg

Pig Wisps and Shovel Ears, Balloon Pickers and Baked Clowns, Whitson Whimble and the Potato Face Blind Man are some of the people found in Rootabaga County. You can get there with “a ticket to ride where the railroad tracks run off into the sky and never come back… as far away as the railroad rails go and then forty ways farther yet.” Carl Sandburg wrote these stories for his daughters “Spink”, “Skabootch” and “Swipes”.

Peter and Jude Explained by Luther by John Nicholas Lenker

“Luther’s Commentary on the Galatians… is too voluminous… And yet any one that would truly know the man, and the secret of his power, must study these in his writings.” ”(Luther’s) language is uniformly simple and direct… “I preach as simply as possible. I want the common people, and children, and servants, to understand me.” “…in the variety of its themes, the clearness of its exposition, the stinging force of its rebukes, the simplicity and directness of its language, [this commentary] is scarcely surpassed by any of Luther’s other writings.

Lars Lee The Boy From Norway by N N Ronning

Lars Lee tells of a boy’s spiritual awakening in rural Norway and his emigration to Minnesota. The author, N. N. Ronning explains: “It was easy to write the story, but not easy to put the real Lars and Olaf, Helga and Olga into the story. We do not understand ourselves; how can we understand others? Still the baffling mysteries of life are all the time challenging our interpretation. The most difficult thing I was to describe how some of these persons found the Way of Life—and that after all was the main reason for writing the story.

Kings and Priests by Richard Lenski

“The more we meditate on the titles thus bestowed upon us, the more we find that we must think more highly of ourselves in our connection with the Savior. We are spiritually of royal descent. Actually we are nothing less than kings. It is true, in one sense we are slaves, “bondmen” as the Greek has it, owned in soul and body by our Lord, so that we belong wholly to him as our King, his word and will supreme for us, to be obeyed in all things without question.

David Baring by Joseph Hocking

Is true Christianity Marxist? David Baring is a young Cambridge graduate who unexpectedly comes into a large fortune. Circumstances cause him to wonder if a rich man can really tell if he is loved for himself, or only for his money. He begins to despise his wealth and like many people today wonders if Socialism is the answer. Joseph Hocking (1860-1937) was a Cornish novelist and United Methodist Free Church minister.

The Christian Year by John Keble

“…the book is to deepen devotion, but there is one class of people above all others, for whose help it is most adapted. It is ‘an admirable handbook for the parish priest, because written by one who himself labored through the greater part of his ministerial career as a[n Anglican] parish priest.‘” “The Christian Year” is a book which will always appeal to the educated and cultivated intellect; that it will appeal with special force to all who have the responsibility of teaching religious truth; but its appeal will not cease here.

The Book of Concord: The Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church by Henry Eyster Jacobs and Charles Krauth

Henry Eyster Jacobs’ Book of Concord in modern English is highly respected and has been widely used. It is now back in print and available in all formats. The Augsburg Confession, Apology, Small and Large Catechisms, and Formula are also available as separate books. On This Page Book Contents About the Translation Order a Printed Copy Download the eBook Publication Information Clear print, large format quality paperback available on Amazon by the Lutheran Librarian

New Gospel Sermons by Richard Lenski

“Christ our Savior and all his apostles preached justification by faith, even as did the prophets of the Old Testament. Justification is the central doctrine of all the Scriptures, the heart and soul of the entire Christian religion. All believers are justified, all the saints in heaven now have been made what they are by justification, and at the last day the righteous at Christ’s right hand will be there because they have continued in justification to the end.

Who is the Liar? by Samuel Laird

“The Father hath revealed Himself in Christ. He gave His only begotten Son to a life on earth, to suffering and death, that the alienated sons of men might be redeemed, and reconciled to Him, and brought back again into filial relationship with Himself, that in the true spirit of adoption they might look up to Him and call Him, Abba, Father. “Why is the denial that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the Son of God, so great a sin, that he who makes it is called preeminently the liar?

Christian Dogmatics by J. N. Kildahl

“Although there are many systematic theologies already available to the student of the Bible, this volume is being published under the conviction that it possesses several valuable features which make it somewhat unique in its field. On This Page What Differentiates This Systematic Theology Text? Lutheran Pietism In The Best Sense Summary Contents Order a Printed Copy Download the eBook Publication Information What Differentiates This Systematic Theology Text?

The Ministerial Office by Matthias Loy

“The question of the Ministry is not one of indifference, which each individual, under the presumption that God has given no decision, may decide according to his own judgment and pleasure. The Lord has decided it in the Holy Scriptures, and to this decision we should meekly submit. It is hoped that those who will carefully consider the argument which is here offered, will not only be convinced that God has spoken on the subject in His word, and that the Church has believed and understood what He has revealed, and expressed her faith in her Confession, but also that they will not be in doubt as to what is the truth which is thus revealed and confessed.

Short Stories Of The Hymns by Henry Kieffer

“The purpose of this little book is to present to its readers some brief account of the origin and authorship of some of our more familiar hymns… to select from a very large amount of material which the author has for years past been gathering, a few of the more striking and interesting incidents connected with the composition of some of our best known Songs of Zion. “It is quite possible, truly, that this little book may traverse some ground already familiar to some of its readers, but it is believed that to the great majority of them the story of the hymns is new, and will prove interesting and profitable… such facts connected with the origin of the hymns, as the author, after some years of patient search, has found most interesting and instructive to himself.

The Story of Andrew Fairfax by Joseph Hocking

“Brought up as a gentleman, Andrew Fairfax, on the death of his benefactor, is reduced to the position of a farm laborer, from which he raises himself by the writing of a successful novel.” About The Author Joseph Hocking was a Cornish novelist and United Methodist Free Church minister. Like the American Presbyterian minister Edward Roe, Hocking’s novels combine rich characters with gripping stories. Joseph Hocking published more than 100 books and was greatly respected as a fiction writer.

Luther's Two Catechisms Explained By Himself translated by John Lenker

This is a great little volume, and good introduction for those who’ve never read any Luther, or especially for those who’ve been taught about him, but have never let the great Reformer speak for himself. From The Introduction “It was in a university library (Erfurt, 1503) that Luther found the Bible, and he dedicated his life to the Bible (or Church), to the School and to the Library. “The name Martin Luther is a synonym for Protestantism; for Free Government; for Free Schools, and for Free Libraries.

The Unity of the Church by Matthias Loy

“The church is, and in order to be the body of Christ, must be essentially invisible. She possesses not a single essential attribute by which she is visible. If it were not for the instructions of the Holy Spirit, we would be ignorant, not only of her nature, but even of her very existence. We would see men and their deeds, and would know them to be a peculiar organization; but that which is the very life of the organization, without which it is a mere human society, not the church of Jesus Christ, we could never see and never know…

Stories Of Favorite Hymns: The Origin, Authorship, And Use Of Hymns We Love by William Hunton

“Hymns are a most important part of our worship. They mold character and often shape the lives of those who sing them.” “The writing of these pages was an accident and a pleasure. An editorial emergency called forth the first article; our personal interest induced several others; then the interest of our readers requested the series. Favorable comments and the expressed desire of not a few to have the articles in permanent form explain the appearance of this volume.

Visibility Zero by Bernard Palmer

The time is World War II. Rex Madden is an American flier in the European campaign who loses his courage after seeing his companions meet death in the skies. Fear overwhelms him. At last he discovers “the Christ of fighting men” and finds peace and courage amid the chaos of war. Bernard Palmer (1914-1998) wrote many religious novels, mostly for young people. Download the eBook PDF - [Formatted for Computer Use]

The Sermon on the Mount: A Practical Study by Matthias Loy

“The work of God that we are to do is to believe in the Savior and confess Him before men. This is our high calling, and our great work is its fulfillment. It is vain to speak of doing the will of the Lord when we neither believe in Christ ourselves nor exert our powers to lead our fellow men to such faith, through which alone sinners can be saved.

An Original Belle by Edward Roe

“The descriptions of battle scenes in the war and the lurid picture of the draft riots in New York are worth reading. Nothing that Mr. Roe has ever written is so vivid and dramatic as his sketch of the three terrible days in New York when the mob ruled the city, sacked the colored orphan asylum, and spread dismay in a thousand homes. It has the quality of history also, as the author has made careful research and employs no incidents which did not really occur.

Twenty-four Memory Hymns And Their Stories by Amos Russel Wells

“If we can add to our mind treasury the twenty-four leading hymns of the Christian church, what a splendid employment it will be! — Rev. Amos Wells On This Page Why These 24 Hymns To Memorize? Listing of Hymns Order a Printed Copy Download the eBook Publication Information Why These 24 Hymns To Memorize? “On the way to the Denver Christian Endeavor Convention, Mrs.